Creating DPS content for iPhones

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This article refers to Digital Publishing Suite. For the AEM Mobile article, see Methods for authoring content.

The iPhone 3GS models and later are supported for DPS. The iPhone 3G is not supported.

  • The iPhone 3GS has 480x320-pixel dimensions.
  • The iPhone 4 and 4S have 960x640-pixel dimensions.
  • The iPhone 5 models have 1136x640 pixel dimensions.
  • The iPhone 6 model has 1334x750 dimensions and the iPhone 6 Plus model has 1920x1080 dimensions (2208x1242 logical).

You can create a viewer app for both the iPhone and iPad. You cannot create a single-issue viewer app for the iPhone or an iPhone-only viewer app.

Folios you create for the iPad do not appear in the iPhone viewer. The iPhone viewer displays only folios with a 3:2 aspect ratio, such as 960x640, as well as 16:9 aspect ratio folios for the iPhone 5 and later models. For best results, create folio renditions. If you set up renditions properly and create a custom viewer that supports both iPhone and iPad, you can ensure that your customers are entitled to the same issue on any iOS device. See Create folio renditions.

Bookmarks are not supported for the iPhone. Enterprise customers can create as many as three custom icons for the navigation bar.

To create folios that target the iPhone, you have the following options:

Create only one folio for iPhones

You can create a single 480x320 folio with PDF articles that work on all supported iPhone models. See Creating multi-rendition PDF articles for iOS devices. If you create only a 960x640 folio, it does not appear in the library of the iPhone 3GS. If you create only an 1136x640 folio, it appears only on the iPhone 5 and later.

Create 480x320, 960x640, and 1136x640 renditions

When you create folio renditions, the iPhone 3GS displays only the smaller rendition and the iPhone 4/4S models display only the larger rendition. You can use the same set of source files to create the 480x320 and 960x640 renditions. You need to create separate source layouts for the 1136x640 iPhone 5 rendition. In addition, create a 1024x768 rendition for the iPad.

We recommend that you create a 1136x640 folios for iPhone 5, 6, and 6 Plus models. Larger renditions (1344x750, 1920x1080, and 2208x1242) are supported but not recommended due to the extra production effort required.

Important considerations:

  • To avoid problems, publish the renditions at the same time. Suppose that you publish a 480x320 folio and then a week later you publish a 960x640 rendition of that folio. If your iPhone 4S customers open the library before the larger rendition is available, only the smaller rendition remains available. The only way for them to get the larger rendition is to remove and reinstall the viewer app.

  • If you have a Newsstand app, do not trigger a push notification until all renditions have been published and are available.

  • When using DPS App Builder to create or update your viewer, create additional icons, splash screens and other images that support the iPhone sizes.


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