Update PayPal payment details for your Adobe account

Learn how to update the PayPal payment details for your Adobe account so you never fall behind on your payments.

How to update PayPal payment details or switch PayPal accounts

To update PayPal details such as first name, last name, or address, sign in to your PayPal account. To change the PayPal payment details associated with your Adobe account, follow these steps:

  1. Select Edit billing and payment.

    Edit billing and payment details

  2. In the Your payment method screen, select Edit.

    Select Edit

    You’re directed to the PayPal website.

  3. Change your payment details on the PayPal website. Once you save the details, you’re redirected to your Adobe account. These changes automatically reflect on your Adobe account.

How to change PayPal payment details for a teams plan

Sign in to the Admin Console to change the payment details. For more information, see Learn more.


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