We heard you! We have been hard at work fixing issues in the latest release of XD.
fixed issues

XD 2020 (version 28.1.12)

 [Mac and Windows] The Update button in a consuming document keeps coming if the source document has audio files added.

 [Windows only] XD randomly crashes while launching or editing a cloud document.

 [Windows only] Saving a file after editing components may result in Error 49.

 [Windows only] XD crashes when you select a preset, create a component, and add a fill color to the Assets panel.

XD 2020 (version 27.2.12)

 [Mac and Windows] Adobe enterprise accounts may be unable to access a private prototype link shared with them from another Adobe enterprise user.

 [Mac only] XD crashes when a user enables coediting,  double-click an object in edit mode, and disconnects the network.

 [Mac and Windows] When a coediting user immediately closes the XD document while the initiator is still making some changes, the "Saving" dialog box appears and does not close even after the pending changes are copied over.

 [Mac and Windows] The Live Editing Client creates a connection timeout issue even when data is streaming.

Fixed issues in earlier releases

 [Mac and Windows] Overrides made to a component instance are not preserved when a different set of changes is made to its corresponding master.

 [Windows only] XD crashes when the user enters the text edit mode in Korean, Chinese, or Japanese languages.

 [Mac and Windows] Master component gradient values can be lost when an XD document is saved.

 [Mac and Windows] Component state instances can get out of sync with their corresponding master instance when pasted into a new document and the master state is resized.

 [Mac and Windows]  Background blurs with an opacity, and stroke value set do not appear correctly in the Desktop preview window.

 [Windows only] The text editor cursor can be displayed in the wrong location when editing or deleting text within the container with multiple text sizes applied.

 [Mac and Windows] “Copy of” appears in the Save As dialog box when saving a copy of an XD document.

 [Mac and Windows] An “out of sync” error may be displayed for some coediting users when many coeditors are collaborating on a single document.

 [Mac and Windows] Coediting documents left idle without edits may result in a “Something went wrong” message, requiring the user to close and reopen the document.

 [Mac only] Document history reflects the wrong time when coediting users are in more than one timezone.

 [Mac and Windows]  Changing an asset color from a solid to a gradient in a linked document may result in not being able to save the document.

 [Mac and Windows] The progress bar does not appear when linking complex asset files in the Assets panel.

 [Mac only] Some components with multiple wires (triggers) defined are not retaining all of the relevant wires.

 [Mac and Windows] The Share mode appears disabled when users try to share an XD document that contains a corrupted component.

 [Mac and Windows] Moving a cloud document file to a new folder creates a new snapshot in Document History even when the content of the document has not changed.

 [Mac and Windows] Opening a second shared cloud document before the opening the first shared document results in a "Sorry cannot open file” error.

 [Mac and Windows] When selecting and deleting large numbers of cloud documents in the Welcome Screen, some of the cloud documents are not actually deleted when you close and reopen Adobe XD.

 [Mac and Windows] When your computer goes into sleep mode while editing a cloud document, XD can fail to automatically reconnect to the cloud once the computer is powered on.

 [Mac and Windows] When naming and saving a document snapshot in the Document History window, the new document name fails to apply. 

 [Mac and Windows] If two users pick a different blend mode on the same shape at the same time during coediting, the blend mode drop-down in Property Inspector does not accurately reflect the applied blend mode.

 [Mac only] Clicking to turn off a bookmark in the Document History window, then clicking a second time to turn it back on causes the default name to include time zone information and highlighted as invalid.

 [Mac only] Saving two cloud documents with the same name in XD will only reflect one of the two documents in the Recent Documents area of the Home screen.

 [Mac only] A cloud document deleted on one computer is still listed as a recent document on other computers using the same Adobe account.

 [Mac only] Deleting artboards in a document during a coediting session may cause the coeditors' documents to be out of sync with one another.

 [Windows only] Clicking to create a bookmark in the Document History window, then clicking a second time to turn off that bookmark causes a pop-up window to open without removing the bookmark.

 [Windows only] Once you place an image in XD and drag to duplicate that image with coediting enabled, the image fails to duplicate.

 [Web Prototypes] Hover states and auto-animate transitions do not render in the web browser if the XD user did not set a Home artboard before publishing the prototype.

 [Mac and Windows] During a coediting session, renaming a component in the source share document does not propagate to any linked documents after clicking the Update Assets button.

 [Mac and Windows] When an XD 24.0 coedited document has been edited, but remains open, a 24.1 client shows an offline status with no dialog box.

 [Mac and Windows] The arrow keys for width and height fields does not work properly in Components.

 [Mac and Windows] After nudging an object using the keyboard arrow keys, or placing a component that includes a linked graphic, undo (Edit > Undo) is not available.

 [Mac and Windows] When a coeditor is added, removed,  and then added again to an XD document, an error may occur when clicked in Prototype mode.

 [Mac and Windows] Copying and pasting a component on one machine, then clicking the default state of that component on a second machine during a coediting session may cause an error.

 [Mac and Windows] When coediting a document, some artboards or objects within an artboard remain locked (in use by a coeditor) even when they are not actually being edited.

 [Mac and Windows] Component instances move slightly or jump on the canvas when the component bounds are changed in the master component using the Edit Master option.

 [Windows only] Some data are not saved and an error is reported when coediting a document using different versions of Adobe XD 24.

 [Mac and Windows] Changing the destination of a wire in prototyping mode (example state or artboard) causes a file mismatch error during a coediting session.

 [Mac and Windows] A message 'There is a newer version of this document' appears when you enable a document for coediting even when no other coeditors have accessed the file.

 [Mac and Windows] When coediting a document and ungrouping a large repeat grid, objects remain locked when it should not be.

 [Mac and Windows] During a coediting session, a pasteboard object deselected by a collaborator may appear as selected to the other collaborators.

 [Mac and Windows] Renaming a component in the Layers panel ends abruptly during live coediting.

 [Mac and Windows] An error message saying 'Something Went Wrong' appears after initializing the machine from sleep mode and XD is minimized.

 [Windows only] XD may crash when you create a password for a design document in Share mode.

[Mac and Windows] Artboards are lost after an error on Save as.

 [Mac and Windows] Component shadows are not accurately rendering on preview mode and web playback. This is applicable on a scrollable artboard with the Fixed Position option set.

 [Mac and Windows] Import and Export windows does not open after an import error.

 [Mac only]  The interaction wires on objects within a component are removed when the parent component is copy and pasted.

[Windows only] Error when opening multiple cloud documents.  

[Windows only] Unable to create or save a new XD document.  

 [Windows only] XD crashes after the Welcome screen is blank for 30 seconds.

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