Find solutions for errors you receive trying to use the Share Online feature of Adobe XD.

If you get an error trying to share an XD prototype using the Share Online pop-up menu, check whether the following scenarios or error messages apply to you:

Scenarios for enterprise customers

If you are an Enterprise customer, go through these scenarios and suggestions to try to resolve your problem.

You are an enterprise customer without a Creative Cloud login.

If you're using a serialized deployment model of our software, contact your IT administrator to request named user deployment. This option allows each individual in the organization to have a Creative Cloud log in associated with their enterprise organization, which gives access to storage and services like Share Online.

You are a Creative Cloud enterprise customer without access to storage or services.

For enterprise accounts, an IT administrator can turn off the ability for their organization to use one or more Creative Cloud services. If you want to use the Adobe XD Share Online feature, contact your IT administrator for access.

You are an enterprise customer using managed services.

Sharing online is not supported while using the Creative Cloud for enterprise with managed services solution. Instead, you can create a video to share your design by using the preview window. For information on recording a video of the prototype, see Preview and record interactions.

Error- You need to be signed in (Error codes from 1000 through 2000)

These errors occur either because of a problem with your network connectivity or Creative Cloud login.

Follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Make sure that your Wi-Fi or network cable connectivity is good. Test other network applications (like web browsers) to make sure that you are connected to the Internet.

  2. Close all Creative Cloud apps.

  3. Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app and click the Sign-Out button.

  4. Restart your machine.

  5. Sign back in to Adobe Creative Cloud.

  6. Restart Adobe XD and try sharing again.

Error code 44

Error code 44 indicates that XD was unable to upload your content to Adobe Creative Cloud. This could be the result of a service issue on the Adobe side, or a network connection issue on your local machine. If you receive error code 44, trying the following steps to identify the root cause and resolve the issue:

  • Check to see if Adobe Publish Online functionality is experiencing any issues. If it shows green status, the service is operating correctly.
  • Switch to a public network and try to share a simple file that contains only one artboard. If sharing works from a public network but not from an enterprise or other managed network, the issue may be related to your local network settings.
  • XD needs to access different Adobe domains to publish content to Creative Cloud. If access to any of these domains is blocked, you receive error code 44. See Adobe Creative Cloud Network Endpoints for more information on which specific domains need to be whitelisted.
  • If sharing a small file works, but you receive an error when attempting to share a large file, the issue may be related to the stability of your local network connection. Try sharing from another network, and if possible, use a hard-wired connection.

Error code 55.xx.xx

Even though you can publish the same prototype as different titles and share their respective links with stakeholders, XD Share Online feature always reads the last published title. You cannot update any of the previously published titles directly from the Share Online menu. If you delete the last published title on, type in the name of a previously published title on the Share Online menu and click Update expecting to update it, it throws error code 50.xx.xx as it looks for the deleted title.

Error trying to publish a large prototype

You can encounter a publish issue if one or more of your artboards has large bounds with content within. While exporting assets for such large artboards, the resulting bitmap sizes would exceed the upper limits that are not supported to view in desktop or mobile browsers. The maximum permissible combination for a bitmap export is 64000000. For example, you might encounter this error if the artboard size (width * height) is more than 8000 x 8000 = 64000000.

To resolve this issue, ensure that the width and height combination of your artboards is lesser than the upper limit.

Error trying to update a deleted prototype

If you delete a shared prototype on the web, then go back to the original design file for that prototype and try to share it again, you get an error if you click Update Link. To resolve the issue, click New Link instead when you reshare the design.

Error- You do not have access to the sharing service

If you receive the following error message, your organization does not have access to Creative Cloud services. Services may not be available in your locale (for example, services are not available in China), or your IT administrator has chosen to disable services.

Warning message - you do not have access

Issues with publishing using a proxy server

If you encounter error when you try to publish prototypes or design specs with proxy server setup on your machine, try the following steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Ensure that you have accurately setup the proxy server settings in your machine. To verify the proxy server setup, relaunch the CC app launcher and Adobe XD to get the proxy login prompts after setting up the proxy.
  2. If there are no onscreen prompts for the proxy user name and password:
  • Relaunch the browser. When the browser asks you for proxy server login, enter username, password, and click ok so that the browser loads the web page. Relaunch XD and publish after applying the server credentials.
  • Sign in to proxy from the sign-in dialog of Adobe XD instead of signing in from CC app launcher.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, uninstall Adobe XD, restart the machine, and install Adobe XD again. You should now be able to share your prototype.

If this issue is still not resolved, contact us for help.

Scenarios for Kivuto users

If you are a Kivuto user, you are entitled only to an XD Starter plan. This means:

  • You cannot access any of the online services,
  • Storage quota is disabled, and
  • You can share only one active prototype and design specs.

This is an expected behavior unlike older Kivuto versions. 

Contact us for help

If you face different error codes (such as 44 or 45), or if the troubleshooting tips in the above sections do not work for you, gather the following information and contact us:

  1. Try again in a few minutes and see if the steps above resolve the issue.

  2. Check the Adobe System Status page.

  3. If the status page shows that everything is working, or if you find yourself having to retry frequently, report the issue on UserVoice with the following information:

    • The error text and error code, if any (you can take a screenshot and post it)
    • Whether the error occurred right when you first opened the Share Online pop-up menu or after you clicked the Create Link button in the pop-up menu
    • The size of the file you were trying to share on disk, along with the approximate number of artboards it has, and how large they are

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