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What’s new in Adobe Character Animator

New Features

December 2022 release (version 23.1)

Modernized GPU support

Recent macOS systems support Metal, and Windows systems will support DirectX 12.

Motion Library Strength parameter

Added a Strength parameter to control the influence of the behavior on the tagged handles. 

October 2022 release (version 23.0)

Motion Library

The new Motion Library in Character Animator enables you to animate your puppet quickly by choosing motion from a library of 350+ full-body character animations captured by professional actors.

Starter mode

Starter mode is an accessible streamlined mode in Adobe Character Animator that lets anyone make quick animated videos. Record your face and voice performance, then add emotions and actions through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Quick Export

In both Starter and Pro modes, you can quickly export animations. Use quick export-to-export animations to animate directly in the H264 file. Adobe Character Animator's Starter mode is a free, basic solution that allows anyone to create short animated animations.

Auto swap and Leader/Follower Behavior

Auto-swap lets you automatically switch between different artwork layers, like a hand or arm position, like your puppet moves. This gives your character a more customized, frame-by-frame look for certain elements mixed with real-time performance capture.

Previous releases of Adobe Character Animator


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