This document lists the customer reported issues that were fixed each release. To report an issue, please submit your issue on the feedback site.

For a summary of features introduced in Illustrator, see the New features summary.

Illustrator 2019 (version 23.0.6)


File Import & Export

Documents & Artboards

Drawing & Editing Tools


Copy & Paste



User Interface

Gradients & Colors


Illustrator 2019 (version 23.0.4 | macOS only)

 Bug fixes

Illustrator 2019 (version 23.0.3)

 Open File issues

 Crash reports submitted through Adobe Crash Reporter

 Japanese fonts displayed with English names in the Find More tab 

Illustrator 2019 (version 23.0.2)

 Crash and rendering issues with few Japanese CID fonts

 Illustrator crashes when the action is being recorded on Transparency panel

 Illustrator pastes tiff in Adobe XD even when SVG is available in clipboard

"Find Extension on Exchange" link in Illustrator does not auto sign on the webpage

 In-menu font preview preference is not honored 

 20 crashes fixed from the submitted crash reports

Illustrator 2019 (version 23.0.1)

Illustrator 2019 (version 23.0)

Illustrator 2018 (version 22.1)

Illustrator 2018 (version 22.0.1)

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