Technology previews

Test-drive Adobe Illustrator features that are still in the Technology Preview phase

With Technology Preview, Illustrator ships previews of features in development that you can try out. These features may not be completely production-ready yet, so exercise discretion while using them.

Vectorize in Illustrator on iPad has been launched as Technology Preview features in Illustrator for October 2021 release. 

What is Technology Preview?

Technology Preview is a label for a feature which is being rolled out with limited capabilities. Once the feature is evolved, technology preview label will be removed.

What is the difference between Beta and Technology Preview?

Beta features are generally available in beta releases whereas technology preview features are available as part of the full release. Moreover, a feature is moved to technology preview from beta only after improving its quality and functionality through user feedback.

When is the final release for these features?

We would like to receive your feedback on Vectorize feature and improve them further. Once a feature is fully evolved, the Technology Preview label will be removed.

Are there any restrictions to use these features?

No. You can continue using these features in a similar way as any other feature. However, users are requested to be familiar with the limitations of these features before using them.

Do we have customer support?

Partially, yes. As these features are in preview, you may not get complete customer support now.

Vectorize (iPad)

You can now convert raster images (JPEG, PNG, PSD, and more) to vector art and edit the artwork. Capture an image or place an image from the iPad, convert it to vector image, and use the Vectorize options to modify the properties of the vector image. Also, you can convert the image into vector object with fills, strokes, and paths that can be edited.

Expand vectorization of the artwork

For more details, see Convert raster images to vector art


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