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August 2020 release (version 24.3)

Snap to glyph

Snap to glyph

Achieve quick and precise alignment around the boundary of live text, without the need of creating outlines or reference guides.

Text alignment

Vertical text alignment

Align text vertically in a text frame at top, bottom, center or justify positions. 

Align to font size

Font height variations

Set the font size according to the Em Box, Cap Height, x-Height or ICF Box of the text.

Align to tight bounds

Align to glyph bounds

Align objects precisely to the glyph bounds for the point and area text.

Selective unlock

Unlock objects on canvas

Unlock objects easily from the canvas using the lock icon or context menu options.

June 2020 release (version 24.2)

Cloud d

Cloud documents

Save your work as cloud documents and access from anywhere Illustrator is installed. Track your version history and revert as needed. 

Large canvas

100x canvas

Create your large-format artwork like billboards, bus wraps, signage boards and more on a 100x large canvas area, which provides more design space and ability to scale. 

New document dialog

Start and finish faster

Document create and save workflows are now quick with the fast loading of New document window and the fast saving of Illustrator cloud documents.


March 2020 release (version 24.1 (macOS) and 24.1.1 (Windows))

Real-time drawing and editing

Real-time drawing

Now, scaling of objects and application of effects on objects are not displayed as outlines, instead these tasks will fully render as you work.

Cut, copy, paste artboards

Cut and copy artboards

Use Cut, Copy, and Paste options to create multiple copies of artboards across different documents.

Free distort

Enhanced free distort

Free Distort now lets you modify shapes freely through a bounding box, without any resetting.

Preference and document issues

Reduced document corruption issues

Illustrator will now automatically repair and recover the damaged documents, when possible.

Toolbar improvements

Improved toolbar

Dragging and dropping of tools between the toolbar and the drawer is now easy.


Stability and performance

Better stability performance, and smoother workflows.

November 2019 release (version 24.0)

Top new features


Path simplification

Easy and quick editing of complex paths by reducing the number of anchor points.

Auto spell-check

Auto spell-check

All spelling errors highlighted right in the document as soon as you type the text.


Background save and export

Quick save and export of files. Now, you don't need to wait to resume work on other tasks.

Top enhancements


In-app troubleshooting support

Troubleshooting support right when you run into an issue while opening or saving files.


Faster and quicker effects

Faster rendering when applying Drop Shadow, Blur, and Inner and Outer glow effects.

In-app experience

Onboarding resources

New self-serve learning resources, such as guided tutorials available within Illustrator to help you get started.


Other enhancements

Better product stability, application performance, and user experience.

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