Add pan and zoom effects

You can add pan and zoom effects to your project to highlight or emphasize parts of the screen.


Another way you can highlight sections of the screen is through the use of annotations. For more information, see Add annotations.

  1. Click Play () and pause the video (click the Play button again) at the point where you want to add a pan and zoom effect.

  2. Click the Pan & Zoom icon in the Toolbar pane to open up the Pan & Zoom panel adjacent to it. The panel displays thumbnails according to each recording mode such as Webcam, Screen, or Both

  3. Move the mouse over the thumbnail in the Pan & Zoom panel to view a rectangle with circular handles at the corners. Drag the rectangle to select an area you want to zoom into. 

    The video is played at the specified pan and zoom level until the next pan and zoom point. This means, if you have zoomed into the video, you have to zoom out again to display the video in the original size.

    Double-click anywhere in the pan and zoom region of the Webcam or the Screen to display the video in the original size.

  4. Move the playhead in the timeline to the point you want to zoom out. 

  5. Drag the rectangle in the thumbnail back to its original state to zoom out. 

  6. Do one of the following:

    • Add more pan and zoom points by repeating the steps.

    • Delete a pan and zoom point by selecting the pan and zoom in the timeline and then clicking the corresponding delete icon  in the Pan And Zoom panel, or pressing the Delete key on the keyboard
    • Edit the video further by using the trim option.
    • Edit the branding settings.

    • Click Publish to publish the video.

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