Whats new in Adobe Presenter 8 update (for subscription and Adobe Software Assurance customers only)

New audio workflow

Effortlessly record and synchronize audio with your slides using Adobe Presenter’s new intuitive audio interface. For more information, see Audio.

Enhanced Adobe Presenter mobile app

Enhanced support for quizzing which enables learners to take Adobe Presenter courses on iOS devices.

Better integration with Adobe Connect with single-sign on and auto-redirection when accessing an Adobe Presenter course from within Connect Mobile.


Create 508 standard compliant projects for Defense, Government and Education organizations. Enable the close captioning option for all non-text elements (speech to text conversion with internet connection). For more information, see Accessibility and Closed captions.

Microsoft Office 2013 Support

Convert Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 slides, including objects, animations, and multimedia, into rich, interactive video presentations using an improved conversion library.

Windows 8 Support

Leverage the power of Adobe Presenter 8 and all its features on Windows 8 OS.

More eLearning templates and interactions

Use pre-loaded eLearning templates and out-of-the-box interactions such as jigsaw, hangman etc to create great looking and engaging eLearning content on the fly.

Enhanced video add-ons

Focus viewer attention by zooming in on specific content while editing. Select from a range of introductory and concluding clips. Include your logo for project-wide branding. Describe your video by adding a title or description at the beginning of your file.


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