Learn how to navigate through the UX flow view of design specs XD.

UX flow view

UX flow view provides an overview of all the artboards in the design specs. In this view, you can:

  • To see how they are connected to each other, hover the pointer over the artboards.
  • Search for a specific artboard by name and view it. If the artboard is within the viewport, it is highlighted. If it is not within the viewport, the UX flow view window scrolls to that artboard.
  • Zoom and pan each artboard. After all the artboards in the design specs are displayed in the viewport, you cannot pan further.
  • Click an artboard to see its detailed view (specs view) and inspect its constituent objects. Press Esc to return to the UX flow view.
UX flow view
UX flow view

A. View connections between artboards B. Search for an artboard C. Zoom level 

Specs view

The specs view shows the artboard details, colors, character styles, and targets used. You can use the collapsible arrow to expand and collapse individual sections.

While in the specs view, you can view the Properties panel located to the right of the screen.

In the Properties panel:

  • View the artboard details, unique colors and character styles used in that artboard, and the target artboard it is linked to.
  • Expand or collapse the listed sections. 
  • When you hover the pointer over the colors and character styles, you can see the instances where they have been used in the artboard.
  • View hexadecimal color codes and custom labels for the colors used in the artboard.
  • View details of various interactions such as transitions, overlays, voice, and auto-animate. For information on how to access gamepad and keyboard triggers in design specs, see Using gamepad or keyboard triggers in design specs.   
  • View comments related to the artboard. 

At the bottom of the screen, there are arrow keys, and a Home icon. The left arrow key takes you to previous artboard, the right arrow key takes you to the next artboard while the Home icon takes you to the Home artboard.


You can view the custom labels only if the designer has given the color label names in the Assets panel.

The specs view
The specs view

A. Properties panel B. Comments section C. Collapsed section D. Expanded section E. Arrow keys and Home icon 

For design specs keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts for Design Specs.

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