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Top new features

November 2019 release (version 24.0)


Realtime collaboration with Coediting

Collaborate in realtime with other designers.


Add interactive elements with Component states

Design variations of a component for different states and use Hover trigger to specify different interactions.


Manage design revisions with Document history

Browse previously saved versions of a document, bookmark specific versions, and more.


Create high-fidelity prototypes using multiple interactions

Define multiple interactions (wires) on the same object.


Access plugins from the redesigned Plugin Manager

Search and browse plugins, explore curated collections, and more.


Share and collaborate with the redesigned Share mode

Share your designs and prototypes for review and gather feedback.


Shared assets with enhanced Creative Cloud Libraries integration

Access and use assets from your library or upload assets from XD to your Creative Cloud Libraries. 


Convert Sketch libraries into linked assets

Convert your Sketch library files in XD without having to recreate assets.

Previous releases of XD

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