PMT Code Profiler Report Integration

The Performance Monitoring Toolset monitors all transactions on a ColdFusion server and captures the response times along with other basic details of a transaction. 

The procedure requires recording metrics for all components of a transaction, and thus you have the Code Profiler.

The first step is to run the Code Profiler in Performance Monitoring Toolset and then download the profiler data as a json file. For more information, see Code Profiler in Performance Monitoring Toolset.

The next step is to import the profiler data in the VS Code extension. To do so, follow the steps below: 

  1. In VS Code, right-click the project and select Import Code Profiler Data

  2. Choose the json file and hit Enter. 

  3. After you import the profiler data, right-click the project and click Run Performance Monitoring Toolset Profiler. 

  4. In the profiler tab, expand each item and see the time taken by each function/UDF in a CFM or CFC. To view the line in the file, double-click any item. 


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