Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 6

Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 6

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After applying updates 4 and 5 to ColdFusion (2016 release),  cfcookie  with NULL values throws an exception.


On IE 11 browsers, you are unable to change the root Admin password from within the ColdFusion Administrator.


If there is only whitespace in between ColdFusion variables that are used in the body of a CFMAIL msg, the whitespace gets removed in the email message, and the values are run together.


When using CFFTP to connect to some S-FTP server, during connection, you can see the following error message:

"Algorithm negotiation fail".


Known issues in this release

  • On a Linux OS, you are unable to generate a chart in a pdf using the  cfdocument  tag. You can, however, generate charts in Windows, Solaris, or Mac.
  • ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 6 installations through the ColdFusion Administrator may fail on certain Linux configurations that include the X-Window system. The issue occurs due to an upgrade to InstallAnywhere 2017. As a workaround, install Update 6 manually with  sudo  privileges.


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