Application shortcuts

New Project Ctrl+Alt+N (Win), Opt+Cmd+N (Mac OS)
Open Project Ctrl+Shift+O (Win), Shift+Cmd+O (Mac OS)
Close Project Ctrl+Shift+W (Win), Shift+Cmd+W (Mac OS)
Close Ctrl+W (Win), Cmd+W (Mac OS)
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S (Win), CMD+Shift+S (Mac OS)
Ingest Ctrl+I (Win), Cmd+I (Mac OS)
Export Project Ctrl+P (Win), Cmd+P (Mac OS)
Create Rough Cut Ctrl+N (Win), Cmd+N (Mac OS)
Exit  Ctrl+Q (Win), Cmd+Q (Mac OS)
Undo Ctrl+Z (Win), Cmd+Z (Mac OS)
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z (Win), Shift+Cmd+Z (Mac OS)
Cut Ctrl+X (Win), Cmd+X (Mac OS)
Copy Ctrl+C (Win), Cmd+C (Mac OS)
Paste Ctrl+V (Win), Cmd+V (Mac OS)
Clear Delete (Win), Forward Delete (Mac OS)
Select All Ctrl+A (Win), Cmd+A (Mac OS)
Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A (Win), Shift+Cmd+A (Mac OS)
Set Marker In Point I (Use Alt+I or Opt+I when Heads Up Display is enabled during playback.)
Set Marker Out Point O (Use Alt+O or Opt+O when Heads Up Display is enabled during playback.)
Select Previous Marker Ctrl+Left Arrow (Win), Cmd+Left Arrow (Mac OS)
Select Next Marker Ctrl+Right Arrow (Win), Cmd+Right Arrow (Mac OS)
Select Previous Clip Ctrl+Up (Win), Cmd+Up (Mac OS)
Select Next Clip Ctrl+Down (Win), Cmd+Down (Mac OS)
Add Selected Markers Shift+= (Win), Cmd+= (Mac OS)
Add Subclip Marker 1 (Main keyboard)
Add Comment Marker 2 (Main keyboard)
Marker Inspector Shift+5 (Win), Cmd+5 (Mac OS)
Marker List Shift+6 (Win), Cmd+6 (Mac OS)
Marker Type Shift+4 (Win), Cmd+4 (Mac OS)
Metadata Shift+7 (Win), Cmd+7 (Mac OS)
Monitor Shift+2 (Win), Cmd+2 (Mac OS)
Project Shift+1 (Win), Cmd+1 (Mac OS)
Timeline Shift+3 (Win), Cmd+3 (Mac OS)
Adobe Prelude Help F1
Go To Selected Clip End Shift+End
Go To Selected Clip Start Shift+Home
Go To Time View End End (Win), End or Function+Right Arrow (Mac OS)
Go To Time View Start Home (Win), Home or Function+Left Arrow (Mac OS)
Maximize or Restore Frame ' (accent under tilde)
Play In-out Ctrl+Shift+Space (Win), Opt+K (Mac OS)
Play Stop Toggle Space
Select Find Box Shift+F
Select Next Panel Ctrl+Shift+. (period)
Select Previous Panel Ctrl+Shift+, (comma)
Shuttle Left J
Shuttle Right L
Shuttle Slow Left Shift+J
Shuttle Slow Right Shift+L
Shuttle Stop K
Step Back Left Arrow
Step Back many Frames - Units Shift+Left Arrow
Step Forward Right Arrow
Step Forward many Frames - Units Shift+Right Arrow
Workspace 1 Alt+Shift+1 (Win), Opt+Shift+1 (Mac OS)
Workspace 2 Alt+Shift+2 (Win), Opt+Shift+2 (Mac OS)
Workspace 3 Alt+Shift+3 (Win), Opt+Shift+3 (Mac OS)
Workspace 4 Alt+Shift+4 (Win), Opt+Shift+4 (Mac OS)
Workspace 5 Alt+Shift+5 (Win), Opt+Shift+5 (Mac OS)
Workspace 6 Alt+Shift+6 (Win), Opt+Shift+6 (Mac OS)
Workspace 7 Alt+Shift+7 (Win), Opt+Shift+7 (Mac OS)
Workspace 8 Alt+Shift+8 (Win), Opt+Shift+8 (Mac OS)
Workspace 9 Alt+Shift+9 (Win), Opt+Shift+9 (Mac OS)
Zoom In =
Zoom Out - (hyphen)
Zoom To Clip \

Panel shortcuts

New Bin
(Prelude CC)
Ctrl+B (Windows), Cmd+B (Mac)
History Panel Menu
Step Backward
Left Arrow
Step Forward
Right Arrow
Ingest Dialog
Check All Shift+V
Uncheck All Ctrl+Shift+V
Check Selected Item(s)
Clear In Out Points
Select Directory List
Ctrl+Left Arrow (Win), Cmd+Left Arrow (Mac OS)
Select Media List
Ctrl+Right Arrow (Win), Cmd+Right Arrow (Mac OS)
Set In Point
Set Out Point
Timeline Panel Menu
Ripple Delete Alt+Backspace (Win), Opt+Delete (Mac OS)
Show Next Screen
Down Arrow
Show Previous Screen

New shortcuts in Prelude CC

Trim In Point of Selected Clip to CTI   Q
Trim Out Point of Selected Clip to CTI
Insert Clip(s) at the previous edit point
, (Comma)
Insert Clip(s) at the next edit point . (period)
Select clip at Playhead D
Move clips left [ (Left angle bracket)
Move clips right
] (Right angle bracket)

Customize keyboard shortcuts

When you open the Keyboard Shortcuts panel for the first time, the only option in the Set menu is Adobe Prelude Factory Defaults.

You can edit keyboard shortcuts and save the new set. After you save the new set, it appears in the Set menu.

  1. Select Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows), or Prelude > Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac OS) to open the Keyboard Shortcuts panel.
  2. In the Keyboard Shortcuts panel, select the option for which you want to create or update the keyboard shortcut.
  3. Press the keys that you prefer for the keyboard shortcut.
  4. Click Save As to save the updated Keyboard Shortcut set.
  5. Enter a name for the new set, and click Save.


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