Known Issues with PowerPoint SmartArt graphics and Adobe Presenter 7.0.5

Certain PowerPoint SmartArt graphics have known issues when they are published. The following chart lists these issues, their behaviors, and any available workarounds.

SNo Issue Title Workaround

Hierarchical Animations (anything other than "As one object") on certain SmartArt features are not supported. These SmartArt features are listed in the blacklist. The blacklist includes following SmartArt features:

Basic Target, Vertical Block List, Vertical Box List, Vertical Arrow List, Segmented Process, Radial Cycle, Radial List, Organization Chart, Labeled Hierarchy, Horizontal Labeled Hierarchy, Hierarchy, Funnel, Gear, Continuous Cycle, Continuous Picture List, Cycle Matrix, Continuous Arrow Process, Alternating Flow, Nested Target, Repeating Bending Process, Stacked List, Table List, Target List, Vertical Bending Process, Vertical Equation

No Workaround


Hierarchical Animation (anything other than "As one object") on SmartArt graphics with 3D rotation is lost in published output.

No Workaround


On SmartArt graphics with Hierarchical Animation (anything other than "As one object"), if animation is removed from one of the unit shapes of the SmartArt, animation is dropped from published output.

No Workaround


Text content used inside SmartArt graphics sometimes looks blurred in published output.

Save PPTX file as PPT and then publish


Center-point animations (Diamond, Circle, Box, Split, Wheel, etc.) do not play correctly for Segmented Cycle, Basic Pie, Text Cycle, Block Cycle, and Non-Directional Cycle SmartArt graphics.

No Workaround


For SmartArt graphics with emphasis animations (Change Fill color, Color blend, Vertical highlight, Teeter, Blast), the animation behavior differs in published output from PowerPoint, and other Color Animations (Complementary, Complementary2, Contrasting, Desaturate, Darken, Lighten) do not work in published output.

No Workaround


For SmartArt graphics with Peek in and Peek out animations, "All at once" is similar to "As one object".

No Workaround


For SmartArt graphics with Hierarchical Animation (anything other than "As one object"), the Texture or Image Fill on SmartArt diagram is lost and gradient outline appears as white outline in published output.

No Workaround


For SmartArt graphics with Hierarchical Animation (anything other than "As one object"), the SmartArt graphic is selected and deselected multiple times while the publishing process is in progress. This issue causes flickering on the PowerPoint file. 

No Workaround




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