P10 Enterprise deployment issue with CCP using 64-bit Win and 32-bit Office

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Enterprise deployment of Presenter 10 using Creative Cloud Package is not directly possible on 64-bit Windows with 32-bit Office

Solution: Create a 64-bit CCP (Creative Cloud Packager) package with 32-bit Presenter 

Follow these steps: 

  1. Download Adobe Presenter from Adobe site or from your Adobe Licensing website (LWS) account and extract the .7z file. 

    The following folder structure appears after extracting the downloaded package contents. Use the folder "Presenterwin32" to create the package. 

  2. Launch CCP and click Creative Cloud for Enterprise. Log in using your Adobe ID and click Next. 

  3. Click Create Package.

  4. Choose Serial Number License from License type drop-down list and 64-bit package. Click Next. 

  5. Enter the serial number for Adobe Presenter 10. 

  6. Click Add Offline Media at the lower-left corner of the window. 

  7. Browse the Presenter32bit folder from the extracted location and click Extract.

  8. Select Presenter 10 and click Done. 

  9. Click Build. A progress bar dialog appears, and a summary window appears indicating completion.

    The package is created successfully.

Adobe Presenter 10 package is created, you can see Build and Exception folders. Deploy the contents of build and exception folders following the same procedure as with other CC products. 

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