This document contains known issues and troubleshooting tips not covered in Adobe Presenter documentation.

  • On Windows 7 (without SP1) and Windows Vista (with service packs), PowerPoint does not launch after Adobe Presenter 8 (64 bit) is installed. The following error appears:

"PowerPoint found an error that it can't correct. You should save presentations, quit, and then restart PowerPoint"


  1. Close Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Run the Adobe Presenter 8 64-bit installer again.
  4. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint.
  5. When prompted to disable the Adobe Presenter plug-in, click No.

Microsoft PowerPoint launches successfully and you can continue using Adobe Presenter

  • Adobe Presenter audio cannot be synchronized correctly with animations if a slide contains a mix of on-click animations and after/previous animations.

Workaround: For the Adobe Presenter audio to sync correctly, ensure that all animations on a slide are on-click animations.

  • Total number of questions reported to Adobe Connect is incorrect if a question group is set to show less number of questions than the actual questions in project.
  • Adobe Presenter does not appear as a Microsoft PowerPoint ribbon if the installation folder name contains double-byte characters. Enabling the add-ins to does not add the Adobe Presenter ribbon to PowerPoint.

Workaround: Ensure that the Adobe Presenter installation path does not contain any double-byte characters.

  • Moving question slides from one quiz to another in the presentation slides can create error scenarios in published output.

Workaround: Edit and move question slides within the Quiz Manager. Do not move question slides directly in the presentation filmstrip.

  • If the presentation contains question slides copied from within the presentation or from other presentations, the published content remains in the loading state when played.

Workaround: After copying and pasting question slides, open the Quiz Manager and click OK. When you do so, the newly added question slides are updated and the published output works as expected.

  • Adobe Presenter 8 supports only limited audio formats.

Workaround: Use mp3 and WAV audio files in PowerPoint or Presenter. Also, the supported video formats are - asf, wmv, mpg, mp4, dv, dvi, mov, 3g, FLV file, and SWF file. This issue is a legacy behavior and there is no change in the support provided for media formats in Adobe Presenter 8.


Adobe Presenter Video Creator

  • You cannot enable the microphone after launching Adobe Presenter Video Creator.

Workaround: Connect the camera and microphone before launching Adobe Presenter Video Creator.

  • While working on bootcamp or Parallels, Mac built-in iSight camera does not produce HD presenter feed.

Workaround: If you are recording videos on a Mac, use an external HD camera.

  • If system performance is bad (for example, many other applications running), then the captured video fps (or even A/V Sync) could be bad. This issue can lead to audio/video sync issues in the video and result in increased publish time.

Workaround: Close all applications that are not required while recording videos.

  • Video quality could be affected if a dedicated graphic card is not available on the system. This issue could result in jagged edges of the video in side-by-side layout. Anti-aliasing font issues are also possible

Workaround: Use a dedicated graphic card with latest updated drivers (nVidia, ATI graphic cards).

  • On Windows XP machines, quality of video recorded with SD resolution could be unsatisfactory.
  • Audio cannot be recorded on Windows XP if you have a recording device with two mixers.

Workaround: Use a different recording device such as a USB microphone.

Adobe Presenter Mobile

The following features are not supported on Adobe Presenter Mobile:

  • Audio and video inserted using Microsoft PowerPoint options.
  • Quiz group and multiple quizzes
  • Quiz feedback with audio
  • Question types (only Multiple-Choice and True/False questions are supported)
  • Quiz settings: Required, Allow Backward Movement, Shuffle Questions, Shuffle Answers
  • Advance answer options
  • Sum Total LMS (Adobe Connect and SCORM Cloud (AICC) is supported)
  • Playback options: Pause after each animation