What’s new in Adobe Presenter 10

Adobe Presenter will be End of Life from June 1, 2022

Thank you for being part of the exciting journey of Adobe Presenter.

As Adobe continues to refocus on developing new products and solutions, we have decided to End of Life (EOL) Adobe Presenter on June 1, 2022.

For more information, see Adobe Presenter EOL FAQ.

Adobe Presenter 10 software lets you create HD video lectures for classroom teaching, distance learning, flipped learning and MOOC sessions. Simultaneously capture your screen content along with your webcam video or turn your Microsoft PowerPoint slides into interactive eLearning with out-of-the-box assets and eye-catching quizzes. Leverage HTML5 publishing to deliver courses to tablets. Track content consumption and learner performance with the built-in analytics dashboard or through integration with leading LMSs.

Read on for a quick introduction to these new features and enhancements, and links to resources offering more information.

HTML5 publishing support

Now let your learners have full access to your courses, even on tablets. Deliver eLearning on the go with full support for scalable HTML5. Send scoring data to leading LMSs and track learner progress.

For more information on publishing HTML 5 output, see Publish as HTML5

Transform slides into interactive eLearning

Convert your PowerPoint presentations to engaging eLearning content. Publish eLearning modules created with PowerPoint directly to HTML5, keeping text, shapes, audio, and animations intact. Add quizzes, scenarios, and out-of-the-box assets, and publish as HTML5 for access using desktop and mobile browsers. 

Continue to use all the features of Presenter such as quizzes, learner interactions, audio, video, animations and so on, as before. When publishing, choose whether you want to publish to SWF format, HTML5 format or both. Reporting to LMS, video analytics and learner dashboard features will also be available when you publish to HTML5, just like the way they were available for SWF output.

For more information on publishing HTML 5 output, see Publishing presentations

Publishing to tablets

Let your learners access your courses on their tablets. Quickly create interactive eLearning content using the iPad and iPhone presets. Publish content as HTML5 for easy access with a mobile web browser.

For more information on publishing HTML 5 output, see Publishing to tablets

Gesture support on tablets

Use the multi-touch technology embedded in the tablet UI to allow learners to tap, scroll, and swipe their way through courses. Leverage gesture support to enable more instinctive interaction between the learner and the content.

For more information on publishing HTML 5 output, see Viewing content on tablets

HTML5 support for tracking and reporting

Track individual learner progress without investing in an LMS, using the Learner Analytics dashboard. Use information about basic evaluation criteria, such as videos viewed, average score, and pass or fail, to identify learners who need course correction and direct them to relevant modules.

For more information on enhanced Learner Analytics dashboard, see Learning Dashboard

Quizzing with HTML5

Leverage HTML5 support to deliver eye-catching quizzes on tablets. Choose from a wide range of question types, such as matching, short answer, and fill-in-the-blank. Export scoring data to leading SCORM-, AICC-, and Tincan-compliant LMSs.

For more information on creating Quizzes and questions in your presentations, see Adding quizzes and questions

Pause and resume your work across devices

Make your content more mobile with the ability to pause on one device and resume anywhere, anytime on a tablet using a web browser.

Publish your content as HTML5 and open the content in desktop while you are at work. You can pause the content while you are going mobile and start resuming the same content using your tablet. 

For more information on publishing HTML5 output, see Publish as HTML5

User-friendly installer

Get going quickly with a new, easy installation workflow. Adobe Presenter identifies the Microsoft PowerPoint version on your computer and installs the appropriate Presenter version. It adds a shortcut to the Windows Start menu, and default to the Adobe Presenter tab in PowerPoint when you launch the software. 

In Adobe Presenter 10, as soon as you open Adobe Presenter 10 software, by default it opens in the Adobe Presenter tab of Microsoft Powerpoint as shown in the screenshot below: 

Create video lectures in 3 easy steps

Quickly create studio quality video lectures by capturing your screen content along with your audio or video, right from your desktop. Use a simple 3-button interface to easily edit and publish your videos.

Sway audiences with HD videos, regardless of the AV capabilities of your computer and without having to invest in studio equipment. Simultaneously capture your screen and webcam content with just a few clicks. Balance colors, remove noise, and enhance the overall video quality using just Adobe Presenter.

For more information, see Recording video presentations

New intuitive UI for Adobe Presenter Video Express

Edit your videos right within the project timeline. Dynamically mix screen content and webcam video. Easily trim your clips or pan and zoom, without any additional training. Automatically adjust the brightness and sharpness. Enhance audio quality by reducing background noise.

For more information, see Adobe Presenter Video Express

Native resolution screen capture

Capture your screen at its full resolution without distortion or changes to onscreen elements, taking the guesswork out of authoring. Leverage enhanced pan-and-zoom scaling to edit videos more easily.

Publish to 1280x720 or 1280x800 resolution always in hd video. 

For more information, see Adobe Presenter Video Express

Use analytics for learner intervention

Use built-in analytics to track content consumption and identify learners who need course correction. Track learner performance in the Learner dashboard by viewing metrics such as time spent on a section, modules taken, and successful completion. Report key performance metrics without having to invest in an LMS. Gauge the effectiveness of your videos and identify common drop-out points.

For more information on enhanced Learner Analytics dashboard, see Learning Dashboard

SRT file creation

Generate an SRT file from your Adobe Presenter closed captions. Use the SRT file to offer subtitles in video-based courses published to third-party video websites and players. Localize the SRT file to deliver course subtitles in regional languages.

For more information, see Closed captions as SRT

Other enhancements

Lower third text and branding videos add-ons

Jazz up your video by selecting a theme from a wide range of introductory and concluding clips. Focus viewer attention by zooming in on specific content. Easily describe your videos with titles, introduce yourself using the Lower Thirds option, and add custom videos and logos to meet branding requirements.

For more information, see Adobe Presenter Video Express

More Smart learning interactions 

Insert aesthetically designed interactive elements to your content with just one click. Select from a wide range of stunning interactions, like Hangman, Jigsaw, Process Cycle, Glossary, Accordion, Pyramid, and Animated Rollover, to customize the content and appearance.

For more information, see Learning Interactions

ELearning templates

Spend less time and effort to liven up your training content. Choose from attractive, professionally designed themes that blend backgrounds, styles, fonts, and layouts. Apply them across projects to maintain a consistent look and feel. Customize templates to suit your requirements.

For more information, see Use eLearning templates 

In-course collaboration

Receive feedback from learners by allowing them to comment on specific content within a course or ask questions for more clarity. Reply to users directly or allow other learners to do so. Rate comments, moderate the discussion, track participation, and reward active learners.

For more information, see Collaboration

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