RDS Support

RDS lets you access files and data sources registered in the ColdFusion Administrator on a ColdFusion server. To use RDS Support, you must enable RDS when you install ColdFusion. With RDS Support, you can access ColdFusion files remotely.

RDS allows developers to access key pieces of information about a remote server. RDS must be set up as part of your ColdFusion server install. We recommend that you do not use RDS on public facing or shared hosting machines.

RDS Dataview

To use RDS, enable RDS while installing the VS Code Plugin. The extension provides views to access files and data sources on a local and remote server.  

The RDS Dataview displays the data sources configured in a remote server. 

When you add a ColdFusion server instance in the extension, it automatically becomes available in RDS DataView.

RDS Query Viewer

The RDS Query viewer lets you create and run queries on a selected data source. 

The RDS Query Viewer is available in the RDS Dataview toolbar.

To create and execute a query using the RDS Query viewer, do the following:

  1. Right-click any datasource and click RDS Query Viewer

  2. In the RDSViewer.sql editor, build a query using any datasource and table.

  3. Click the Execute Query button. 

  4. See the results in the Query Viewer.


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