Import photos and videos

Bring all your photos and videos from any folder on a computer or from devices such as cameras, card readers, and scanners into Elements Organizer. You can then organize them in many ways and make them look great. 

Convert a catalog from a previous version

When you import media, Photoshop Elements stores the details of the imported files in a catalog. The catalog contains links to the files and records of details, such as tags that you attach to your media. 

If you had created a catalog with a previous version of Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Elements prompts you to convert your catalog so that it is compatible with the current version. Converting a catalog is a one-time process. For more information, see Convert a catalog of a previous version.

To launch Elements Organizer, do the following:

  1. Launch Photoshop Elements, using one of the following ways: 

    • On Windows
      • Find the Adobe Photoshop Elements icon on your desktop and double-click it.
    • On Mac
      • Launch Finder from the Dock.
      • Search for Adobe Photoshop Elements  and double-click it.
  2. On the home screen, select Organizer to launch the Elements Organizer workspace.

Elements 2024 Home Screen.
Adobe Photoshop Elements Welcome screen.

Start importing photos and videos

Import in bulk

Bulk import helps you to quickly import your photos and videos from your computer to Elements Organizer. You can either import all in one go or view what folders and subfolders contain them and then choose what you want to import.

  1. In the Organizer workspace, select Import > In Bulk.

  2. In the Import Media dialog box, choose the folder that has the subfolders containing your media. If the folder is not listed, choose Add Folder and browse to the folder you want to import photos from.

    Import media dialog box in Elements Organizer.

    A. Add a folder B. Remove the selected folder C. Select a folder D. Import from OneDrive (Windows only) E. Watch a folder 

  3. In the right pane, select the subfolders that contain the photos and videos you want to import and select Import.


You can also import files from a folder on your computer by selecting Import > From Files and Folders.

Import from camera or card reader

You can easily bring media files from your camera or card reader, and import them directly to Elements Organizer.

  1. Connect your camera or card reader to your computer.

  2. In the Organizer workspace, select Import > From Camera or Card Reader.

  3. Under Source in the Photo Downloader dialog box, select where to copy or import from using the Get Photos From drop-down list. Use default settings, or set the options in the Import Settings area.

    Photo downloader dialog box.
    Photo downloader dialog box.

  4. Select Get Media.

  5. If you get the Import Attached Keyword Tags dialog box, select the Keyword Tags you would like to import and select OK.

  6. Select OK in the Files Successfully Copied dialog box.


    If the Elements Organizer is launched while copying the photos, select Yes in the Files Successfully Copied dialog box.


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