Learn how best to work with erasers in Adobe Fresco so you can easily edit and enhance your artwork.
Layers help in keeping different elements of your artwork separate so you can easily edit them.
Fresco provides pixel and vector erasers to enhance your artwork

While erasers can be used to remove parts of the layer or selected areas of an artwork, they are more handy when you work with multiple layers of an artwork. Erasing upper layers can show through the lower layers. 

Types of erasers

Fresco offers pixel and vector erasers.

  • Double-tap on the eraser tool to activate pixel erasers when you use pixel layer. 
  • Double-tap on the eraser tool to activate vector erasers when you use vector layer. 
Pixel erasers
Pixel erasers
Vector erasers
Vector erasers

How to use erasers to enhance an artwork

Enhance artwork with pixel erasers
Enhance artwork with pixel erasers

Follow these steps to choose pixel erasers and enhance your artwork: 

  1. Fill the background of the layer with black color, choose a pixel brush, and draw with white color. 
  2. Double-tap on eraser tool and choose Brush Tilt pixel eraser.
  3. Choose another pixel brush Gritty Square to erase the hair on zebra art. 
  4. Complete details on the artwork using pixel brushes.

When you start drawing with the pixel brush, you will notice that the  icon on the layer thumbnail indicates that it's a pixel layer.