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Drag and drop questions

Drag-and-drop interactions provide an interesting and engaging way of assessing your users’ knowledge. This interaction lets users answer questions by draging and dropping objects in the designated areas or objects.

A drag-and-drop interaction involves a drag source and a drop target. Users drag the drag sources and drop them onto drop targets.

To insert drag and drop questions:

  1. Add drag and drop items, and map them to configure correct answers:


    Drag-and-drop is supported only in the .pptx file format and not in .ppt file format.

    1. In the Adobe Presenter ribbon, click Manage > Add Question > Drag drop. To select grade or survey question, click Create Graded Question or Create Survey Question from the Options tab.

      Drag-and-drop question screen

    2. In the Name field, type the instructions for the drag and drop question. In the Score field, specify the points that users score when they correctly answer the question.

    3. In the Drag Item column, do one of the following:

      • To insert text, click the Text icon, and type the text.
      • To insert an image, click the Image icon, and browse for the image.
    4. In the corresponding row of the Drop Target column, do one of the following:

      • To use text as the drop item, click the Text icon, and type the text.
      • To use image as the drop item, click the Image icon, and browse for the image.
      • To use a blank drop item, click Blank Drop. This enables you to create a blank spot in the Question slide.  For example, you can add a blank space in between a Fill-in-the-blank type question using the blank drop item.

      The drag item in the first row is now mapped as the correct answer for the drop item you specified.

    5. You can map multiple drag items to a single drop item. However, you have to add a separate row for each drag item and select the drop item correspondingly. For example, if A and B both have to be mapped to ‘alphabets’, the first row contains A (drag item) and ‘alphabets’ (drop item). The second row contains B (drag item) also mapped to ‘alphabets’ (drop item).

      Tip: Drop items that have already been added appear in the drop-down list for subsequent use.

      Many to one drop item - Selecting another item from the drop-down list

  2. Configure the properties for drag and drop items:

    Return item to the start point if dropped outside

    Item is moved back to the start point if it is dropped outside the frame

    Reveal drag items one at a time

    Only one drag item is displayed and other drag items kept invisible during run time.

  3. (Optional) Choose a Presenter background image for the drag-and-drop question. This Presenter background image overrides the default PPT background for the question slide.  

  4. Click icon at the bottom of the screen. A grid layout appears using which you can layout the drag and drop items on the stage exactly like how you want them to appear in the published output.

    You can also resize and drag-and-drop images

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