The new Home page for Adobe Sign is designed to promote the access points for the most common user functions.


The new Home page is designed to better expose the common features that users need on a regular basis.

The new Home page is feature complete, though the layout may be adjusted based on continuing input from the customer base.


Two elements have been retired from the classic "Dashboard" interface

  • Your activity from last month
  • Archive

Deployment schedule

The new Home page format is currently optional for pre-existing customers.

New accounts only have access to the new page format, and do not have the option to switch to the legacy format.

Over the next several releases, legacy accounts will be promoted to the new interface with the intent of having all customers on the new interface by the end of 2020.


Legacy accounts have an option to flip between the new and classic experience is exposed in the upper-right corner of the page.


Options in the Do more with Adobe Sign section are visible only when the user has the authority to access the feature.  

Feature access is controlled by admins at the account level (in Global Settings) or the group level (in Group Settings).

Elements available on the Home page

Users can gain access to the self-service Help content by clicking the question mark in the upper right corner of any Adobe Sign window.  Clicking the question mark opens a sub-menu with these options:

  • User Guide - Opens a new tab to the Adobe Sign user guide
  • Tutorials - Opens a new tab to the Adobe Sign video tutorials
  • Contact Support - Opens the Support contact portal where email, chat, and phone support can be accessed
    • Support options vary based on the service level of the customer account
    • Requests to change settings, modify the account, or investigate a specific transaction (or other user content) must be made by an account admin for the Adobe Sign account
  • Release Notes - A link to the current release notes

The In Progress link at the top of the page indicates the number of agreements that are currently in the process of completing their signature cycles.

  • The In Progress filter does not include agreements that are currently waiting for you (the logged in user) to interact with
In Progress

Clicking the In Progress text opens the Manage page with the In Progress filter selected:

Manage page - In progress

The Waiting for you link at the top of the page reflectes the number of agreements that are currently waiting for your action:


Clicking the Waiting for you text opens the Manage page with the Waiting for you filter selected:

Manage page - waiting for you

Each agreement listed in the Waiting for you list contains a Sign link that opens the agreement for your action.

The Event and Alert content can be accessed from the link on the top of the Home page:


Clicking the Events and Alerts text opens the Recent Notifications log:

Events and Alerts log

The Recent Notifications log presents the list of events that your user is configured to log.

  • Events and Alerts are listed in separate tabs
  • A link is provided to each agreement listed.  This link opens a view of the agreement in its current state
  • Configure your Events and Alerts logging by clicking the wrench icon on the right side of the page, just above the dates of the events/alerts

Clicking the Request Signatures button opens the standard blank Send page.

> Click here to read more about how to send an agreement for signature


Start a new agreement by selecting the library template, or custom workflow, by clicking the Start from Library button.  Select either:

  • Recent - A listing of the 20 most recently used templates, listed with the most recently used at the top
  • Library Document - Lists all library templates available
  • Workflow - List all available workflows for the user

Once a file or workflow is selected, click Start

Start from Library

Clicking the Fill and sign a document button opens the standard blank Fill and Sign page.

> Click here to read more about Fill and Sign


Clicking the Publish a web form button opens the standard blank Create Web Form page

> Click here to review Web Forms


Clicking the Send in bulk with Mega Sign button opens the standard blank Mega Sign page

> Click here to review Mega Sign


Clicking the Create document templates button opens the standard blank 
Create Library Template page

> Click here to review more about creating library tempaltes


Clicking the Manage and track agreements button opens the Manage page


The Enhance your account button opens new page that varies based on your highest authority level in Adobe Sign (user, Group admin, or Account admin):



Users see the My Signature section of their Personal Preferences menu, to best support the creation of the users' signature:

>>Click here to see more about setting up your signature

User View


Group level admins see the group level logo settings. Setting a logo at the group level over-rides the account level setting:

>>Review more about Logos here

Group Admin View


Account level admin see the full account level setup window, which allows configuration of the:

  • Company Name - The formal name of the company
    • Set company name for all users in account - Checking this option inserts the value in the Company Name field
  • Hostname - The hostname is the sub-domain (or third-level domain) for the specific Adobe Sign account.
  • Upload logo (Account level) - Define the logo for the account. 
    • All groups inheriet the account level logo unless a logo is explicitly uploaded at the group level

>> Review account branding here

Acocunt Admin View

Accounts that have Advanced Account Sharing enabled can switch between the shared accounts:

  • Mouse over your name in the upper-right corner of the screen
  • Click Switch Account
  • Select the user account you want to switch to and click OK

>> Review the Account Sharing details here

Advanced Sharing - Switch Accounts

Switching to another user's account allows the logged in user to Send agreements on behalf of the "switched to" account:

Switched to account

Elements from the "classic" Home page that are being removed

The below elements are being removed from the Home page, and are not expected to be available in the completed version of the page.

The activity report on the is being removed.

Users that want to continue to review this information can set up regular reports either on the reports tab, or by using the reports feature of Events and Alerts


The ability to archive a document is being removed completely. 

Customers that have content in their archive can still view and download those files from the Manage page, but will not be able to upload new documents.

  • This includes the direct email-to-archive feature

Known Issues

Problem: When switching to the new Home page, the page is entirely blank.

Test: attempt to load this page:

  • If you can not load then you should contact your internal network administration and work with them to unblock the domain.
  • If you can access the above link, contact support


The Manage and View Agreement pages are similarly impacted.