The new Home page for Adobe Sign is designed to promote the access points for the most common user functions.


The new Home page (replacing the Dashboard page) has been designed to better expose the common features that users need on a regular basis.

The new Home page is not in parity with the classic page.

Given the complexity of the many features on the Dashboard, the Home page is being released in stages to allow a cleaner “burn-in” time, and isolation of problems if any surface.

Subsequent releases will deliver more advanced elements, and some elements have been retired from the interface.


An option to flip between the new and classic experience is exposed in the upper-right corner of the page.


Options in the More things you can do section are visible only when the user has the authority to access the feature.  

Feature access is controlled by admins at the account level (in the Global Settings) or the group level (in the Group Settings).

Elements available on the Home page

Clicking the Request Signatures button opens the standard blank Send page


Clicking the Fill and Sign button opens the standard blank Fill and Sign page


Clicking the Manage and track agreements button opens the Manage page


Clicking the Create document templates button opens the standard blank 
Create Library Template page


Clicking the Create web forms button opens the standard blank Create Web Form page


Clicking the Send in bulk with Mega Sign button opens the standard blank Mega Sign page


The Customize your experience button opens a small dialogue box that links to the two most common configurations that users typically want to employ as quickly as possible:

  • Add your signature to your profile - This opens the in-app page that controls the signature file for the user (that is currently logged in)
  • Add your company logo - Opens the in-app page to upload a logo for the account

Get help opens a new browser tab to the Adobe Sign user guide.


Elements anticipated in future releases

Below is the list of advanced features that are expected to be included over the next several release cycles.

Customers that leverage these features should continue to use the classic interface.

Advanced Account Sharing is being moved to the new Manage page in a future release.

Customers that use Advanced Account Sharing should remain on the classic Home page experience.

The ability to start an agreement by selecting a library template is expected to be available on the Home page in a future release.


The ability to access customer defined Workflows is expected to be available on the Home page in a future release.


The recent Event and Alert lists are expected to be available on the Home page in a future release.


The "quick access" report of agreements waiting for the logged in user's action is expected to be available on the Home page in a future release.


Elements being removed entirely

The below elements are being removed from the Home page, and are not expected to be available in the completed version of the page.

The activity report on the Dashboard is being removed.

Users that want to continue to review this information can set up regular reports either on the reports tab, or by using the reports feature of Events and Alerts


The ability to archive a document is being removed completely. 

Customers that have content in their archive can still view and download those files from the Manage page, but will not be able to upload new documents.

  • This includes the direct email-to-archive feature

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