What's new in ColdFusion (2021 release)

New features & enhancements in Adobe ColdFusion


As of ColdFusion (2021 release), CORBA has been removed. You can no longer use CORBA-related features, functions, and tags.

What's new and changed in ColdFusion (2021 release)

Completely reimagined Adobe ColdFusion (2021 release) offers a modular, secure, and containerized approach to building applications that can run across multiple cloud providers or on-premises. You can now switch between cloud service providers without having to rewrite your application.


Lightweight installer

Get up and running in minutes with an all-new installer that lets you automate repeatable installations of only the services you need. You have absolute control over what you install at all times.

Note: The GUI installer for the 2021 release is only temporary. We shall have only zip installers soon.


ColdFusion Package Manager

Now install only the services your application needs, and nothing more. ColdFusion Package Manager lets you continuously integrate small pieces of code and deliver applications quickly and seamlessly.

For more information, see ColdFusion Package Manager.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage services

Enjoy raw storage for fast data access, with AWS S3 and Azure Blob. You can now access multi-cloud services with the same syntax and talk to different databases with a single line of code. Grow as you go with storage space that’s expandable, elastic, and cheaper than ever.


Messaging services

Eliminate the complexity of message-oriented middleware with Azure Service Bus and AWS Simple Notification Service/Simple Queue Service. You can now access messaging queue services with ease, helping you transmit any volume of data across applications and keep tabs on whether your messages are being delivered.


NoSQL database

Optimize the scale-up architecture offered by AWS DynamoDB and MongoDB to handle large volumes of data with the built-in productive interface to NoSQL databases. Store unstructured, semistructured, or structured data, and enable easy updates to schemas and fields.


Single sign-on

Enjoy the convenience of having one set of credentials across multiple applications. With SAML, all users have a single point of authentication, which gives the enterprise a birds-eye view of user-level access into the ecosystem at all times.

For more information, see Use SAML in ColdFusion.


Core language changes

Performance Monitoring Toolset

Other additions and changes

CFSetup configuration tool

Deploy server settings from one instance to another, manage them through a console, and automate your admin tasks seamlessly with CF Setup. Uniformity of applications across servers is now a given.

For more information, see CFSetup configuration tool.

Licensing and activation

Product activation is an anonymous, secure, hassle-free process that verifies the legitimacy of your product serial number as well as deters the unlicensed use of Adobe ColdFusion. The process verifies that your product's serial number is legitimate. Your machine must be online and connected to the Internet for activation to complete.

For more information, see ColdFusion (2021 release) Licensing and Activation.

Multi-cloud RDS

Enhance your database availability by leveraging the ability of ColdFusion to seamlessly integrate with Amazon RDS and Azure database services. You can now set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud at a lower cost and in no time at all.

For more information, see Multi-cloud RDS databases.


Cosmos DB is a distributed database engine with a core set of feature. For more information, see ColdFusion and Azure Cosmos DB.

Redis and ElastiCache

Enhance caching and in-memory performance. For more details, see Caching enhancements.

Other language changes

ColdFusion Administrator changes

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