Upload Adobe Captivate output on SharePoint

Upload an Adobe Captivate published output on SharePoint


In SharePoint, you must allow .json file type for HTML5 output. To allow this file type,

  • In Central Administration, navigate to Manage Web Applications.
  • Highlight the Web Application you are uploading to.
  • Click on Blocked File Types in the ribbon. 
  • Find the file type, in this case .json, and deselect it from the list, then click OK.

Contact your SharePoint administrator to allow .json files in case the above steps do not work.

  1. Publish the Captivate output to your computer.

  2. Launch the SharePoint site in Internet Explorer.

  3. Create a folder in your SharePoint library.

  4. Click the Library tab and then click open with Explorer.

    SharePoint Library
    SharePoint Library

  5. In the library, copy the Captivate published files maintaining the same folder structure to the SharePoint library.

  6. Navigate to the SharePoint site and click index.html to play the output.


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