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Change background and enhance video

Make boring video backgrounds interesting by changing the background and customizing it according to your requirements. You can simulate any location, and transform videos into high-quality learning experiences.

Record videos against any clutter-free, solid-color background, which you can then replace with your desktop screen or an image or video of choice including assets shipped with Adobe Presenter Video Express.

Move, position, and scale the foreground against the customized background to enhance the effect.

Change background

You can now customize the backgrounds in the videos that you shoot.

Shoot your footage with a plain background of a single color, remove that background, and replace it with something more attractive during post-production.

Here is a before and after example that illustrates how you can use this feature to alter your background.

Recording in front of a plain background

Replacing the plain background

You can change the background of your course at any point in time. You can do this either at the start - before you start to record or after you record your video. 



If you have multiple recordings within a single project, there are variations in the background effect applied. These variations occur because you have to take a fresh snapshot for each recording.

Before you start

  • Make sure that the backdrop is evenly lit and with a solid color.
  • Wear plain clothes that contrast with the backdrop.
  • Move reflective objects away.
  • Make sure that the lighting is uniform.
  • Ensure there's a gap between you and the wall behind you.
  • Decide on the placement of the webcam. You cannot move the webcam after you take your snapshot.
Some tips for setting up before you start recording

  1. Click 'Webcam' within the 'What would you like to record?' Window of the Presenter Video Express to create a video project. 

  2. Click the Enhance video icon  at the bottom of your recording screen. 

  3. Before you start recording, click Take my snapshot now.

    Take my snapshot
    Take my snapshot now


    Click the i icon next to these options to go through a quick tutorial slide that shows how this feature works.


    Keep the following points in mind while posing for the snapshot:

    • Keep your open palms visible so that it is recorded in the snapshot. This action of raising your palms helps Adobe Presenter Video Express to register its lighter skin color, and reduces pixelation if you move your arms while recording your course.
    • Make sure that the screenshot includes the upper half of your body.
  4. To draw a straight line across your face, drag the mouse across your image and mark the length. Then draw a straight line across your shoulders to mark the width.

    Presenter Video Express makes a rough estimate and marks the area as the foreground.

    Marked outline
    Marked outline of the presenter

  5. To produce a better-quality foreground image, press Ctrl and draw a line from the marking line to edit the foreground to include just your image. 

    To clean up background sections, click drag with the Alt key pressed.

    To delete portions of the selection, hold your mouse and scribble across the area you want to delete.

  6. Click I am fully satisfied if you are satisfied with the result, and would like to see the preview.

    Click  if you want to define the foreground/background marking again.

    Click  if you want to retake the snapshot.

  7. Click My Preview looks good if you are satisfied with how complete your image looks against the background.


    To check the quality of the image, click the eye icon. If more green is present in your image, the quality is usually better.

    Check quality of selection
    Checking the quality of the snapshot and the selection

  8. Click anywhere on the preview screen to change the background to any one of those backgrounds packaged with Adobe Presenter Video Express.

Enhance video after recording

After recording, you can change the background whenever you want using the Enhance Video panel.

  1. Click Enhance webcam video icon  at the toolbar pane to open the panel adjacent to it. 

    Enhance webcam video
    Enhance webcam video

  2. Change the default background by clicking Yes in CHANGE BACKGROUND and then clicking the Background name to open a panel showing the various background options available.

    Choose background
    Choose background

  3. Select the background of your choice from a list of default backgrounds, or click Get more assets to download various background options from the Cloud server. 


    Both image and video backgrounds are supported. 

    You can use jpeg, png, and mp4 file formats.

    Custom: Select Custom if you want to use an image or video that is not packaged with Presenter Video Express. If you want to replace a custom background, select Custom again, navigate, and select the image you want.

    Download background

    In the Download background dialog, you can observe that all the backgrounds that are available in your product are not visible. Select the background of your choice from the thumbnails and select Download to get the background. 

  4. Move the Background blur slider across to add a blur to your background.

  5. You can also change the size and position of the presenter. Go back to Enhance Webcam video panel. 

    To change the size: Move the Size slider until you are happy with the size of the presenter image.

    To change the position: Move your mouse over the thumbnail image of the presenter, and move the image until you like the placement.

    Click the reset icon next to Size if you want to revert to the original settings.

Apply video filters to your course

  1. Click Enhance webcam video icon  at the toolbar pane to open the Enhance Webcam video panel adjacent to it. 

  2. Click None under Video filter to open the Video filter panel.

    Video filter panel
    Adding video filters

  3. If you have taken your snapshot and opted to customize your background, you can select a filter and then apply it to:

    • Foreground only - The effect is applied only on the presenter
    • Background only - The effect is applied only on the background
    • Filter both - The effect is applied universally (throughout the entire screen).
    If you have not opted to customize your background, you can only apply a filter universally.

Edit settings

There can be some problems associated with color overlaps between the foreground and the background. You can fine-tune these issues by adjusting the settings in the Settings panel.

  1. Click Settings in the Enhance Video panel to open the Settings panel.

    Edit settings
    Adjusting settings after adding a custom background

  2. Move the slider across the various settings to fine-tune the image quality.

    Click the eye icon to preview the setting changes. Click the reset icon if you want to revert to the default settings. 

    Maximum Objects

    The maximum number of objects in the foreground. For example if there are 2 presenters, set this to 2. Otherwise only one presenter (object) is seen in the output. The algorithm always picks the largest objects for output. Higher values adversely affect performance.

    Note: When you sit really close to the camera during a recording, your hands may get cut off in the output if they do not appear to be connected to your body in a frame. To avoid this phenomenon, place yourself at a sufficient distance from the camera. Or you can increase the Maximum Objects to account for the hands.

    Remove Noise

    Filter out small objects in the foreground. This setting is useful for removing small artifacts that can be present in the output (especially when you increase the number of objects in Maximum Objects).

    Fill Holes

    Fill holes that may be present in the foreground object.

    Edge Filter Radius

    This parameter controls the area around the edge of the foreground to be smoothened. 

    Matte Bias

    Matting makes the edges of the presenter look smooth, and allows subtle details like hair strands to be correctly separated from the original background. The Matte Bias parameter controls the underlying method of matting used. You can play around with this slider to improve the quality of the output along the edges.

    Matte Drop Off

    Fine-tune the matte bias levels further to make the foreground more opaque and the background more transparent to give a realistic feel.

    You want to set this factor as low as possible and instead try to adjust the alpha around the edge using Edge Filter Radius and Matte Bias.

    Despill Amount

    De-spilling removes the halo effect around the presenter because of the 
    color bleeding in from the original background. Set this factor as high as possible if the edge starts to look unnatural.

Clear selection

To delete a background, click  in the Enhance Video panel. Adobe Presenter Video Express clears the selected custom background and replaces it with the background you recorded originally. Also, this option clears your selection.

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