June and July 2019 release of Adobe XD.

For a summary of features introduced in earlier releases of Adobe XD, Feature summary | earlier releases.


Adobe XD is a vector-based tool for designing and prototyping user experiences for web and mobile apps. Switch easily from wire framing, visual design, interaction design, prototyping, previewing, and sharing, all in one powerful tool.

XD is made for all types of creators - UX/UI designers, interaction designers, experience designers, product designers, web designers, app designers, visual designers, entrepreneurs, and more.


New Features in Adobe XD 21

Unified share for development links

From XD 21.0, the share for development link has been made richer by including interactive prototype information along with design specs. Click the View specs toggle icon  in the shared link to toggle between a design specs and prototype view. 

In the previous versions of XD,  designers shared two different link for prototype and design spec, developers were forced to jump back and forth between the two to interpret the designer’s intent leading to inefficient collaboration.

Designers can now efficiently communicate their design intent and provide all the resources developers need with a single shared link. Developers can understand interactions and intended behaviors better and save time by avoiding constant switching between separate prototype and design spec links. 

Toggle between design specs and prototype from a single link
Toggle between design specs and prototype from a single link

A. View specs toggle icon 

To learn more about unified share for development links, do check out this video:

Viewing time: 2.55 minutes.

For more information, see Navigate design specs in XD.

Grid view in shared links

With XD 21.0,  the UX flow view design specs has been replaced by the all new and efficiently navigable grid view in Adobe XD.  Grid view in prototypes and design specs makes it easier for your stakeholders or developers to quickly navigate to the most relevant artboard.

In previous versions of XD, anyone viewing prototypes needed to click through each of its individual artboard until they found the one they were looking for. 

Grid view in shared links
Comparison of UX flow vs grid view for design specs link

In the grid view, reviewers can:

  • View the thumbnail representation of all the screens,
  • Count of comments on a given artboard,
  • Search for a particular artboard by its name, and
  • Click the linked screen icon to view all the linked screens for a given artboard.

These changes are beneficial to a developer as well as a stakeholder in the following ways:

  • Developer: replace the UX flow with a simplified unfied view of all the artboards.
  • Stakeholder: navigate through XD prototypes with multiple screens and jump to the parts of the prototype most relevant to them
Grid view
Grid view

A. Number of comments on an artboard B. Click the linked screen icon to view the linked screens C. Linked screens of the artboard First Cards 

To learn more about grid view in shared links, do check out this video:

Viewing time: 2.13 minutes.

Document presence

To avoid conflicting edits and effort duplication on a cloud document, XD introduces a visual indicator that indicates when other designers are colloborating on the same cloud document. Designers can view a profile avatar of other designers working on the  same cloud document.

Cloud document presence
Document presence

For more information on document presence, see Cloud documents in XD.

Commenting on mobile web prototypes

Often, reviewers access prototypes from a mobile device and want to add comments and view others’ input while on the go. 

With this latest release of XD, you can now view and comment on web prototypes from your mobile device as well a desktop web browser.  This helps the you to accelerate review cycles and makes it easier for your stakeholders to provide timely and just in time feedback. 

For more information, see Work with prototypes in Adobe XD

Commenting on mobile web prototypes

To learn more about commenting on mobile web prototypes, do check out this video:

Viewing time: 3 minutes.

View and inspect sub-range text

From XD 21.0, if you have a text element with multiple styles, you can hover over sub-ranges within a text element. Design specs then highlights similar sub-ranges inside the text element with the same styles and lets you access their individual properties as earlier. Previously, when using multiple text styles within a text element, you were unable to isolate those styles and understand which sub-ranges used the same style.

For more information, see Inspect design specs in XD

Sub-range attributes within a large text
Sub-range attributes within a large text

New Features in Adobe XD 20

The June 2019 release of XD has the following enhancements:

Property inspector in prototype mode

Adobe XD 20.0 has moved the prototype head-up-display from the canvas to a property inspector in prototype mode. This new UI improvement  helps you select multiple artboards and define complex prototype attributes in one go.

New Prototype Inspector to define and manage prototype attributes; replaces the Trigger panel
New prototype Property Inspector (replaces the Trigger head-up-display) to define and manage prototype attributes

To learn more about the property inspector, do check this video.

Viewing time: 1 minute.

Plugins panel

The new plugins panel brings the power of plugins to your fingertips, with quick access to the plugin functionality from within the XD application. Alongside the Assets and Layers panels, the Plugins panel allows you to quickly access installed plugins, and launch the Plugin Manager to discover and install new ones.

Plugin launch panel
Plugin launch panel

Superscript and subscript

The latest release of Adobe XD extends text transformation to include superscript and subscript options in the property inspector. You can use these options to creatively transform your registered marks, trademarks, and copyrights in your designs and view them web and mobile as well.

For more information, see Drawing and text tools.

Superscript and subscript text transformations
Superscript and subscript text transformations

To learn more about subscript and superscript, do check this video.

Viewing time: 1 minute.

JIRA 2.0 support

JIRA 2.0 integration improves the collaborative ecospshere by providing additional information about XD documents such as number of artboards or avatars available.

For more information, see Jira integration for XD

Polygon tool

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