With the October 2017 (version 13.0) release of InDesign CC, OpenType SVG color fonts are now compatible with InDesign. This feature is available to you as a part of the Technology Preview program.

Technology Previews are services and features in Creative Cloud with limited functionality, giving you the opportunity to try the features and give feedback to the product teams. These features may not be completely production-ready yet, so exercise discretion while using them.

Limitations of OpenType-SVG color fonts technology preview feature

Although you can use OpenType-SVG color fonts in InDesign CC, there are a few limitations to this preview feature:

  • Outlining: Outlining OpenType-SVG color fonts removes all the color properties of the text and creates a black outlined text.
  • Exporting: Documents designed with CID keyed OpenType-SVG color fonts cannot be exported as a PDF. You get Failed to export to PDF file error while trying to export the document as PDF.

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