Notifying Adobe of Security Issues

Our team of security experts strives to quickly address security issues involving our products and services.

If you need to report a security issue, please use the appropriate contact points outlined below:

Problem or issue

Adobe contact or resource


How do I report a security issue in an Adobe product, online service or web property? 


Visit the Adobe vulnerability disclosure program on HackerOne or send a mail to


How do I provide feedback on an Adobe product or service?



Visit the Adobe Help Center.



Where do I retrieve updates and patches for Adobe desktop or mobile products?


Reference the Adobe Security Bulletin or Advisory for your product. 


How do I report the fraudulent use of my credit card or personal information as it relates to an Adobe product or service?


Chat with Adobe Customer Care.


How do I report an email, website or pop-up window that falsely claims to represent Adobe?



How do I report the abuse or misuse of an Adobe product or service for malicious or illegal purposes?




How do I report software piracy (copying, selling, or use of software that hasn't been properly licensed)?


Visit the Adobe anti-piracy page

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