Adobe Security Bulletin
Security updates available for Adobe Experience Manager | APSB17-41
Bulletin ID Date Published Priority
APSB17-41 November 14, 2017


Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Experience Manager. These updates resolve a reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability rated moderate in the HtmlRendererServlet (CVE-2017-3109), an information disclosure vulnerability (CVE-2017-3111) rated important in which a sensitive token is included in an http GET request under certain circumstances, and a cross-site scripting vulnerability (CVE-2017-11296) in Apache Sling Servlets Post 2.3.20 rated important

Affected product versions

Product Version Platform
Adobe Experience Manager







The HtmlRendererServlet should be disabled in production systems.  Please see Running AEM in Production Ready Mode for more details. 


Adobe categorizes these updates with the following priority ratings and recommends users update their installation to the newest version:

Product Version Platform Priority Availability
Adobe Experience Manager
All 3 Release note
6.2 All 3 Release note
6.1 All 3 Release note
6.0 All 3 Release note

Please contact Adobe customer care for assistance with earlier AEM versions.

Vulnerability details

Vulnerability Category Vulnerability Impact Severity CVE Numbers Affected Version Download Package
Reflected cross-site scripting Information disclosure
AEM 6.3 and earlier

Hotfix 17136 for 6.0.0

Cumulative Fix Pack for 6.1 SP2 - AEM-6.1-SP2-CFP9

Cumulative Fix Pack for 6.2 SP1 - AEM-6.2-SP1-CFP5

AEM 6.3 Service Pack 1 (

Sensitive token in HTTP GET request Information disclosure Important CVE-2017-3111
AEM 6.1, AEM 6.2 Cumulative Fix Pack for 6.1 SP2 - AEM-6.1-SP2-CFP12 
Cumulative Fix Pack for 6.2 SP1 - AEM-6.2-SP1-CFP2
Cross-site scripting
Information disclosure Important CVE-2017-11296 AEM 6.3 and earlier

Hotfix 18963 for 6.0.0

Cumulative Fix Pack for 6.1 SP2 - AEM-6.1-SP2-CFP12

Cumulative Fix Pack for 6.2 SP1 - AEM-6.2-SP1-CFP6

Cumulative Fix Pack for AEM-CFP-



The packages listed in the table above are the minimum fix packs to address the listed vulnerability.  For the latest versions, please see the release notes links referenced above.


Adobe would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for reporting the relevant issues and for working with Adobe to help protect our customers:  

  • Nagamarimuthu of Cognizant Technology Solutions - Enterprise Risk & Security Solutions (CVE-2017-3109)