Working with video applications

Edit audio clips from Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects

From Adobe Premiere Pro® or After Effects®, you can quickly open selected clips in the Waveform Editor to restore or enhance them. When you save your changes, the updated audio automatically appears in your video projects.

  • In Adobe Premiere Pro, choose Edit > Edit in Adobe Audition > Clip.

  • In After Effects, choose Edit > Edit in Adobe Audition.

Export a multitrack mix to Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition directly exchange audio between sequences and multitrack sessions. Any sequence markers appear in Audition, and separate tracks can be retained for maximum editing flexibility.

The applications exchange sequences and sessions using a shared XML format, exported to a folder that contains any referenced audio files.


If you want to send a single mixdown file to Premiere and don’t need the option of exporting individual tracks, see Link sessions to exported mixdown files.

Multiple clips from Audition combined as stems in Premiere

  1. Choose Multitrack > Export to Adobe Premiere Pro.

  2. Specify a name and location for the exported session folder, and set the following options:

    Sample Rate

    By default, reflects the sample rate of the original sequence. Select another rate to resample the file for different output mediums. (See Understanding sample rate.)

    Export each track or bus as a stem

    Converts the full timeline duration of each track into a single clip, combining multiple clips if necessary. Select this option to extend and align clips with sequence start and end points.

    Mixdown Session To

    Exports the session to a single mono, stereo, or 5.1 file.

    Open in Adobe Premiere Pro

    Automatically opens the sequence in Premiere Pro. Deselect this option if you plan to edit the sequence later or transfer it to a different machine.

  3. Click Export.

  4. When Premiere Pro opens the exported XML file (either automatically or via the File > Import command), the Copy Adobe Audition Tracks dialog box appears.

    From the Copy to Active Sequence menu, choose where the exported Audition tracks begin. Any new tracks are added below existing ones.


To send sequence audio from Premiere Pro to Audition, see Editing audio Adobe Audition.

To create layered video soundtracks that you can easily update, link multitrack sessions to exported mixdown files. When you select the exported files in an application such as Adobe Premiere Pro, you can either remix or edit them in Adobe Audition. As a video project evolves, simply repeat this process to create a polished final soundtrack.

Embed edit-original data in exported mixdown files

  1. Open a multitrack session.

  2. Choose Edit > Preferences > Markers & Metadata (Windows) or Audition > Preferences > Markers & Metadata (Mac OS).

  3. Select Embed Edit Original Link Data in Multitrack Sessions.

  4. When you export mixdowns, select Include Markers and Other Metadata.

Edit a mixdown file via a video application

  1. In the video application, select a mixdown file you exported from Adobe Audition.

  2. Choose Edit > Edit Original.

  3. Select one of the following options, and then click OK:

    • Open The Audition Multitrack Session That Created The File

    • Open The File In The Audition Waveform Editor

  4. Remix the linked session in the Multitrack Editor, or edit the mixdown file in the Waveform Editor.

  5. To overwrite the original file in the video application, do one of the following:

    • In the Multitrack Editor, choose File > Export > Multitrack Mixdown, and specify the same name and location as the original file.

    • In the Waveform Editor, choose File > Save.