What files can I add to Creative Cloud Libraries?

Use Creative Cloud Libraries to add assets in most Creative Cloud desktop products, mobile apps, or on the web, and then access them in other Adobe applications.

What types of assets can you save to a library?

Find out about the types of assets that each application can save to a Library or access from a Library. (Use the scroll at the end of the table to view its contents in full.)

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 Any file in the Ai, PNG, Bmp, Psd, SVG, Gif, Jpg, Tif, PDF, Heic, Heif, and Dng formats. File type support is determined by the application.

Download a copy of the supported formats for Creative Cloud library in table format.


Which file formats are supported by Creative Cloud Libraries?

Use the Libraries panel in your desktop applications or the Creative Cloud desktop app to add assets to your library. Drag and drop one or more files from the macOS Finder or Windows File Explorer onto the open library.

You can populate a library from an existing folder of assets in any of the following file formats.

 Currently, only graphics, templates, video, and audio can be imported via drag-and-drop. 

Type of element   Supported format
Graphics Ai, Png, Bmp, Psd, SVG, Gif, Jpg, Tif, PDF Heic, Heif, Dng
Templates Psdt, Ait, indt
Animation FLA files, XFL files, and OAM (.oam) animated widget files 
Brushes Illustrator brushes, Photoshop brushes, Adobe Capture brushes
Video MPEG, MP4, QuickTime, and Windows Media video formats
Audio MPEG layer compressed audio (.mp2), MPEG layer 3 audio (.mp3), MPEG-4 audio layer (.m4a), Wave audio (.wav), MPEG-2 Audio advanced coding file (.acc), audio interchange file format  (.aif, .aiff)
Motions graphics templates (mogrts)  After Effects and Premiere Pro mogrts
Color swatches Process colors and spot colors
Color spaces RGB, CMYK, Lab, Grayscale, and HSB
Pattern fills Raster and vector pattern fills
3D models
OBJ, Photoshop 3D files (.psd), Aero 3D files (.glb) and Dimension 3D files (.dn)
3D materials MDL files and Substance materials (SBSAR)


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