System requirements

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Resolved issues

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

  • Sometimes, Illustrator quits unexpectedly if you only have read-only permissions on the Preferences folder.
  • On launching Illustrator, error "Unable to set maximum number of files to be opened" is displayed.
  • Sometimes, Save for Web does not create images with the specified dimensions.
  • Copy-paste from other applications does not work as expected if you're using a third-party clipboard manager.
  • Windows 7 only: Sometimes, Illustrator quits unexpectedly, when you move the cursor inside the Navigator panel.
  • Selecting All Unused Swatches and deleting them, removes the parent/tint swatch which is not in use.
  • When using Kotoeri text input methods, you are unable to shift selection to another uncommitted text group using the left/right arrow key.
  • Saving as PDF/X-4, succeeds even if there are undefined glyphs in the document.
  • Sometimes, Contextual Alternates do not work consistently. The ligatures displayed in CS6 are different from previous versions.
  • If standard ligatures and contextual alternates are both enabled, some text may appear missing.
  • Save as PDF dialog box does not accept any settings if you've already saved the file as PDF with Compression > Compress Text and Line Art option disabled.
  • Text with drop shadow/outer glow effect has issues with editing in downsaved documents and may cause a crash.
  • Transform commands do not work as expected, if you use the Transform Patterns option and then enter the Pattern Definition Mode.