Camera Raw can use a compatible graphics processor (also called a video adapter, video card, or GPU) to speed up several operations.


This document covers Camera Raw specifically. For details on Photoshop's use of the graphics processor, see:

System requirements

To begin with, ensure that your system meets the general Camera Raw system requirements as well as the minimum system requirements for Graphics Processor (GPU)–accelerated features.

Determine if Camera Raw is accessing the graphics processor

When Camera Raw is able to use the graphics processor, the Use Graphics Processor option is selected in Camera Raw's preferences. To access Camera Raw's preferences, do the following:

  • Mac OS: Choose Edit > Preferences > Camera Raw.
  • Windows: Choose Photoshop > Preferences > Camera Raw.

Determine your video adapter make and model

To determine your video adapter make and model, launch Photoshop and choose Help > System Info to see the graphics processor info:

Adobe camera raw System Info window displaying GPU info


Potential problems you may encounter

  • The image area in the Camera Raw dialog is all blue or all white
  • Moving basic develop sliders causes image brightness to flicker or shift colors unexpectedly
  • Crash on calling Camera Raw, crashing and freezing in general, or unexplained slowdowns
  • "Graphics processor acceleration has been disabled due to an error" is displayed under "Use Graphics Processor" in Camera Raw's Performance preferences
  • Image previews and thumbnails look tiled or broken on Windows
Adobe Camera Raw Error message below the Use Graphics Processor option


  1. Update Photoshop & Camera Raw.
  2. Update your video adapter driver.
  3. Disable third-party graphics accelerators
  4. Third-party GPU overclocking utilities and haxies are not supported (examples include Riva Tuner and MSI Afterburner).

  5. Disable Automatic graphics switching under the Energy Saver tab in the System Preferences (Mac OS).
  6. Replace your video adapter with a newer, compatible video adapter.
  7. Deselect Use Graphics Processor in the Camera Raw preferences:
    • Mac OS: Choose Photoshop > Preferences > Camera Raw.
    • Windows: Choose Edit > Preferences > Camera Raw.

Update your video adapter driver

If Camera Raw isn't accessing your graphics processor, and your video adapter meets the minimum system requirements, update the graphics driver.

Mac OS

Graphics drivers are updated via operating system updates. Make sure that you have the latest OS updates by choosing Software Update from the Apple menu or the Updates in the App Store application.


Download the most recent driver directly from your video adapter manufacturer's site:


Important: Performing Windows Update does not update your graphics driver. Go directly to your card manufacturer's website to check for driver updates.

Does Camera Raw take advantage of more than one graphics processor or video adapter?

  • Camera Raw currently doesn't take advantage of more than one graphics processor. Using two video adapters does not enhance Camera Raw's performance.
  • Multiple video adapters with conflicting drivers can cause problems with graphics processor accelerated features in Camera Raw.
  • Connect two (or more) monitors into one video adapter for best results.
  • If you have to use more than one video adapter, make sure that they are the same make and model. Otherwise, crashes and other problems can occur.
  • To disable a video adapter, use the Device Manager on Windows. Right-click the card's name in the Device Manager and choose Disable.
Adobe Camera Raw Context menu to disable the video adapter

For instructions on how to set a specific card to be the primary video adapter on Windows, consult the card manufacturer's driver documentation.

Solution 1: Force Camera Raw to use Windows DirectX or macOS Metal

  1. Go to Preferences>Camera Raw and verify that the GPU is currently set to OpenGL.

  2. Close Photoshop

  3. Locate the Camera Raw GPU Config.txt file


    \Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\GPU\Camera Raw GPU Config.txt


    /Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/GPU/Camera Raw GPU Config.txt

    The user Library folder is hidden by default in Mac OS X 10.7 and later releases. Use the following directions here

  4. Manually delete the Camera Raw GPU Config.txt file.

  5. Relaunch Photoshop.

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