Explain concepts better with the use of relevant and helpful annotations.

Highlight, comment, draw, circle, or underline to emphasize specific areas in your video and aid understanding. You can also edit the properties of your annotations, such as color, font, and duration. You can add annotations in the portions of the project that are in Presentation. 

In the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express, you can annotate a video with Arrow shape. You can click the annotations icon at the left pane and choose the shapes from the panel instead of choosing from a dialog. 


Now, you can add a color of your choice from the color palette. Also, you can align text, choose font of your choice, change text font type, change text color, and text area background color. 


If you want to add annotations to portions of the project where the Presenter Video Express is visible on the screen, add the annotation first (in presentation mode), and then switch over to Webcam or Webcam+screen mode.

Adding an annotation

  1. Click the Annotations icon on the toolbar at the left pane to open the Annotations panel adjacent to it. 

    Adding annotations
    Adding annotations

  2. Select one of the available annotation options.

    You can add shapes, lines, and text annotations, with a choice of your color from the color palette. 


    An annotation is present in a project for a minimum duration of 1 second. 

    Arrow annotation
    Arrow annotation in the 2017 release of Presenter Video Express

  3. To increase or decrease the duration of the time the annotation is present on the screen, select the annotation and drag the right side of the yellow square to the required point on the timeline. 

    Change length of time for annotation
    Increasing the length of time the animation displays on screen

  4. You can drag the annotation across the timeline and place it in any video segment of your choice. 

  5. To delete an annotation, select it and click delete on the keyboard, or click  in the Annotations panel.

Text annotation options

In the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express, various text editing options have been introduced for text annotation. 

Font style Change the font style for your text annotation by clicking the font name and choosing the font of your choice from the drop-down list.

Font type You can add bold face and italics to the text by clicking B or i in the Annotations panel. Increase or decrease the font size of your text by clicking AAA icon. You can also align your text to left, right or center of the text area by clicking the align icon. 

Color Change the color of your text by clicking the colored square and selecting the color of your choice from the color palette. 

Background color By default, the background of the text annotation area is transparent to the screen color. If you want to change the background color, click the toggle next to Background color to Yes, click the colored square and choose appropriate color. 


The background color applied to text area is semi-transparent to the screen color of your content. 

Text annotation options
Text annotation options

Recommendations for using annotations

  • Annotation do not work when pan and zoom are applied. First apply annotations and then use pan and zoom.
  • Add all annotations in Presentations mode and then switch modes.
  • Use annotations in maximized mode.