Filter Adobe Stock assets by color or depth of field (blur)
Refine the search results based on the mood, style, color, or focus you want in your assets.

Find images that match your color palette

Filter by color

The Color filter lets you specify a color for your image and video searches, and gives results close to that value. Quickly find assets that match your brand palette or that contain a specific hue, without having to later color-correct. This filter is also useful for matching a specific color in existing footage for a video project.

Pick a color from the Color filter or enter the hexadecimal (HEX) value of the color to get color-specific search results.

Find images with muted or very bright colors

Filter images by vivid color

The Vivid Color filter narrows your search to images that are bright or have enhanced color tones, or that are more muted or monochromatic. It’s also a great way to quickly find black-and-white images.

Set the Vivid Color slider to Low for darker, muted images. Set the slider to High for brighter, punchier color.


This filter is available only in image search.

Quickly find images with blurred backgrounds

Filter images by depth of field

The Depth of Field filter helps you find images that are perfectly in focus or images shot with a blurred background.

  • For images with a blurred background (maximum depth of field), set the Depth of Field slider to More Blur.
  • For images with most or all of the image directly in focus, set the slider to Default.


This filter is available only in image search.