The "Explicit Consent" feature is available to individual, team, business, and enterprise levels of service.


Terms of Use (ToU) and Consumer Disclosure (CD) documents are commonly found as part of using a service like Adobe Sign, and serve to define the vendor/user relationship in terms of limitations, responsibilities, expectations, and within the context of electronic signatures, an agreement to conduct business electronically.

For most use cases, an implicit agreement to these documents is sufficient. To that end, Adobe Sign makes links to these documents conspicuous when any recipient has access to an Agreement in the signature cycle.

However, some compliance requirements demand a more assertive acceptance of these documents. To fill that need, the Terms of Use & Consumer Disclosure settings allow an Account level admin to require explicit agreement to each document type. 

How it’s used

The default setting (implicit consent) exposes the Terms of Use and Consumer Disclosure links at the time the Recipient is finalizing their signature. No overt act is required by the signer

Enabling Explicit Consent requires the Recipient to actively check a box affirming they agree to the ToU and CD.

Enabling Forced Review requires the Recipient to open each document individually, and then actively check the box agreeing to the terms.

The ToU and CD consent page


If second factor verification is in place, the Recipient will have to verify their identity first, and then they will be able to accept the ToU/CD

Logging to the Audit Report

When Explicit Consent is enabled, the Audit Report will reflect that there was an acceptance of the Terms of Use and Customer Disclosure.

Consent Audit Report

Customizing the text of the Customer Disclosure (enterprise service plans only)

The default Consumer Disclosure provided by Adobe Sign is linked below:

Customers with an enterprise service plan have the option to provide their own Customer Disclosure. This option is not currently exposed to the customer interface, so if you would like to take advantage of this feature:

  • Make your CD available via public URL
  • Contact your Success Manager and provide them with the URL to your CD
    • Adobe must review the content of the document to ensure all legal bases are covered.
  • Once the document is approved, the URL provided is configured in your account, and the in-app link points to your page

Configurable options

The Terms of Use & Consumer Disclosure settings are only exposed at the Account level in the UI.

If there is a need to configure groups differently from the account setting, then you can contact your Success Manager to have different settings applied at the group level. Group level settings will over-ride the Account level settings.

The options for this feature are:

  • Enable/Disable the feature, by Recipient role, at the Account or Group level
  • Each Recipient role can be individually configured

Example of each setting

The setting:

Implicit Consent Setting


The result:

Implicit Consent result in app

The setting:

Explicit Consent Setting


The result:

Explicit Consent result

The setting:

Explicit Consent required before viewing the agreement setting


The result:

Explicit consent required before viewing the agreement

The setting:

Explicit Consent with Forced Review setting


The result:

Forced Review


After opening the ToU and CD:

Forced Review Result after agreeing

How to enable/disable

Navigate to Account > Account Settings > Signature Preferences > Additional Settings

Navigate to the Additional Settings section