Quick Start for Adobe Acrobat Sign in Value Incentive Plan (VIP)

How to get started with Adobe Acrobat Sign in VIP

Welcome to Adobe Acrobat Sign in VIP!

Below you will find a step by step guide to getting your account set-up and ready for your users to start sending agreements and collecting signatures!


Follow the steps below in order to fully set up your account, users, and billing.

This provides all of the supporting services to your account.

No obligation to buy is assumed by setting up your VIP account.

1. Join the VIP and accept the Terms & Conditions

The first step in setting up your VIP account is joining the plan and accepting the Terms and Conditions.
Here's a quick video

  1. You should have received an email from Adobe with the subject line: Action Required: Invitation to Join the Value Incentive Plan

    • Open this email, and click the Join now button
      • If you need this email resent, please contact your sales agent
    Join Now


    If any kind of error message is prompted, contact your sales agent.

  2. Authenticate


    Authenticate to Adobe by signing in with your Adobe ID.

    • Authenticate with your Adobe ID
      • If you do not have an Adobe ID (or you need to register with a different email address than the one that received the invite),  you can create one quickly

    Note: The email address that you use to accept the VIP invitation will be installed as the administrator (contract owner) of the account.

  3. Review the Membership Details

    • Click Continue
    Membership Details

  4. Terms and Conditions


    Review the Organization Details to ensure they are correct:

    • Click the link to review the Terms and Conditions
    • Check the box to indicate you are authorized to accept the terms and conditions for your organization
    • Click the Accept Terms & Conditions button
  5. Complete your registration to VIP

    • Review the confirmation information and click Continue to Admin Console
    Continue to console

  6. Accept the Terms of Use

    • Read the Terms of Use
    • Check the box: I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
    • Click the Continue button
    Accept Terms of Use

  7. When registration is complete, and you are delivered to the Adobe Admin Console.

    You should see at least Acrobat Sign listed in the Product section (if you already placed an order with your sales agent).

    • All Adobe product entitlements are managed from this menu

  1. To create a new Adobe ID:

    • Click the Get an Adobe ID link

    >> Watch a short video of the process

    New ID

    • Enter your first and last name
    • Enter your email address
    • Click Sign up
    Create new Adobe ID



If you need to edit an existing Adobe ID, or manage multiple IDs, you can find additional information here.

2. Adobe Admin (Entitlement) Console: Log in here

The Adobe Admin Console is the central location for entitling users to access Adobe products (like Acrobat Sign) and contacting support.

As the first user in the account, you are automatically set as the System Administrator.

To give you authority over the Acrobat Sign product, you must assign yourself as the Product Administrator:

  1. Log in to the Adobe Admin Console (if you aren't already)

  2. Navigate to the Users tab

  3. Single click your name to open your user details

    User tab

  4. The User Details page opens.

    Click the ellipsis (...) in the Administrative Rights section and select Edit admin rights

    Edit the Admin Rights section

  5. The Edit Admin page loads.

    • In the Product Administrator section, select Acrobat Sign
    • Click Next


    Select Acrobat Sign from the product list

  6. The Edit Admin Summary page loads.

    • Click Save
    Save the Admin edits

    The user page refreshes showing that you are now a product admin for Acrobat Sign:

    Verify Product admin

    When a user is promoted to a Product admin, an email is sent to that user with a Get Started button that opens the Adobe admin console:

    Get started with the Adobe Admin console

To make a product available to users, you must first define a profile for the product. By assigning the product profile to a user, you entitle that user to access the product.

  1. Select Product in the top navigation bar

  2. Select Acrobat Sign from the product list in the left column.

    Click Document Cloud to expand the offerings if you don't see Acrobat Sign

    • Click the New Profile button
    Create a product profile

  3. Define the Profile Name as an intuitive value.

    • Click Next
    Create a product profile

  4. The Quota page allows you to limit the number of licenses that a profile can control.

    • If you purchased a number of transactions, you will only have a quota of 1. 
      • Assign the 1 quota to the profile
    • If you purchased a number of individual licenses, the full number of available licenses is displayed, and you can assign as many to the profile as is deemed appropriate
      • Any number (up to the amount available) can be assigned to the profile.  If you create multiple profiles for this entitlement, the amount assigned to the profile is deducted from the amount available for subsequent profiles.
    Create a product profile

  5. Click Save

  1. Click Users in the top navigation bar

  2. Single click your name to open your user details.

  3. Click the ellipsis (...) in the Product section, and select Edit from the menu

    Edit the Product section

  4. Select the Acrobat Sign product to add it to the user profile

    • Select the Acrobat Sign product in the left column
    • Select the product profile from the drop-down
    Add product

  5. Click Save

    Once saved, you are returned to the user page, and the assigned product is evident:

    Assigned product

Access the Support features for your services from the headrail of the admin console.

On the Support Summary page, you will find several useful features:

  • Create Case - Allows the user to open a new case with the support department
    • Open Support Cases - All open support cases are listed in the top-left section of the summary page
    • Case history - The full history of all support cases logged against the account can be found in the left rail
  • Request Expert Session - Request a 30-minute session with an expert to talk about anything you want 
    • Open Expert Sessions - All open (pending) expert sessions are listed in the top-right section of the summary page
    • Expert Session history - The full history of all expert sessions logged against the account can be found in the left rail
  • Phone contact - In the upper-right corner you may have access to a direct phone number for Adobe Customer Support. (predicated on the tier of service)
  • Adobe Support Articles - A direct link to the Adobe self-service help knowledgebase.
  • Community Forums - A direct link to the Adobe community forums
  • Popular Help Topics - Six of the most common admin asks are provided at the bottom of the page on large cards that give a brief description of the task the article describes. Each one is worth a look if you are new to the system
Support summary


Acrobat Sign is highly configurable for a wide range of compliance needs.

If you are not well versed in Acrobat Sign and have specific signature needs, it may be wise to set up an Expert Session early so you can discuss your signature needs, and identify the key Acrobat Sign settings available to secure your process.

3. Acrobat Sign (Product) Controls: Log in here

The administrative controls within the Acrobat Sign product govern the feature options available to senders, as well as the environment and conditions for recipients.

Where the Adobe Admin Console governs access to the product, the Acrobat Sign admin menus configure the details of the agreements, how they act, and how they appear:

  1. Configure your Acrobat Sign account
    • If time is a factor, configure at least the security and branding options

4. Payment/Billing (ACIS)

Payment and Invoices are managed through the Adobe Customer Information Site (ACIS). Update billing information, attach credit cards, or review and download invoices all from this console.


The billing/ACIS system only supports Firefox and Chrome browsers at this time.

  1. To add a credit card as a payment method:

    • Find the email sent by Adobe with the subject line: Please provide your payment information 
      • Note the address that the email was delivered to as that is the address Adobe is expecting to authenticate for this process
    • Open the email and click Add Payment
    Add a Payment email


    When attempting to log in to ACIS, make sure you are authenticating to Adobe using the same address that this email was sent to.

  2. Authenticate to Adobe using the same email address that the Please provide your payment information email was sent to

    Authenticate to ACIS - Password

    Authenticate to ACIS

    If authenticating prompts the error: Check your email address or create a new account

    ACIS authentication error

    This error indicates that the email provided does not match an existing user, so a new account must be created

    • Click the Create a new account link
      • Fill in your name
      • Provide a password
      • Select the country/region that is appropriate 
      • Click Create Account
    Fill in ACIS form and click Create


    If authenticating prompts the error: That's an incorrect password. Try again.

    ACIS - Password fail

    This error indicates that a users is found, but the password does not match.

    • Click the eye icon to reveal your password and verify that you entered it correctly
    • If you believe you are entering the password correctly, the best option is to reset the password by clicking the Reset your password link and following the on-screeen instructions
  3. The Adobe Customer Information Site (ACIS) opens

    • Click on the notification banner, the alert icon or the window to proceed

    • Enter the credit card information
    • Click Save and make payment
    Add Credit Card Information

    Your credit card has been saved to your account for recurring billings.


    If you have any difficulty accessing ACIS or adding your credit card, contact acis@adobe.com.

    If you have any questions regarding your billing, contact your sales agent. 

  • Remittance information to pay by ACH, check or wire is noted on the invoice and can also be found on the Documents tab of ACIS
  • To pay by Credit Card go to the Invoice & Payments tab of ACIS and click Pay Now
    • If your email address is the primary bill to contact for the invoice and you have already created an Adobe ID, access ACIS Log in Here with your Adobe ID password
    • If your email address is the primary bill to contact for the invoice, but you have not yet created an Adobe ID, access ACIS Log in Here and create your Adobe ID and password
    • If your email address is not the primary bill to contact for the invoice, or you are having trouble logging into ACIS, please contact acis@adobe.com and provide:
      • Account or VIP ID number
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email Address*

* Adobe IT security protocols require ACIS access to be provided to individual email addresses only, email aliases and email distribution lists are not allowed. 

The Adobe Customer Information Site (ACIS) is the central resource for your payment information and history.

  • Direct access to ACIS is here: https://anyware.adobe.com/acis/home
  • If you do not have access to ACIS, or if you would like to add another user your ACIS portal, please contact ACIS@adobe.com and provide:
    • Account Number (Found on your payment notification email)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email address

ACIS contains Six tabs:

  • Home

    The Home tab contains the high-level information concerning the current payers and balance:

    • Payers - The list of account numbers assigned to your email id
    • Outstanding Balance - The current balance for all services provided by Adobe on this Payer account
    • Bill-tos - The list of users that will be notified for billing related events
    • Adobe Contact Information - The credit analyst assigned to the account
    ACIS - Home

  • Invoices & Payments

    Invoices and payments are posted to a searchable table that can be filtered using the fields at the top of the page.

    Columns headers in the table can be clicked to sort the table based on values in that column.

    ACIS - Invoices

  • Users

    You can provide additional users access to your ACIS account to obtain invoice copies or make payments, or delete their access.

    ACIS - Users

  • Account

    The basic billing information for your account:

    • Billing Address - The identified address for billing the account
    •  Credit Card / Recurring Billing - Credit card on the account for recurring billings
    • VIP Memberships - Your VIP membership name and number
    ACIS - Account

  • Documents

    Reference documentation for billing related activities (eg: remittance instructions).

    ACIS - Documents

  • My Profile

    You can change your password, edit your profile and maintain your credit cards for recurring billings and purchase order (net term) based invoices

    ACIS - My Profile

Common post-deployment questions

Contact your success manager, who can facilitate getting the licenses or transactions installed.

If you don't know who your success manager is, you can contact Support, who can route your request appropriately.

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