Error Code 146 while installing Creative Cloud apps


While installing or updating Creative Cloud apps (for example, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Bridge) using the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app, you get Error Code 146 or Error Code 147. The error summary may read as follows:

Exit Code: 146
-------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------
- 2 fatal error(s), 0 error(s), 1 warnings(s)

FATAL: Error (Code = 146) executing in command 'MoveDirectoryCommand' for package: 'AdobePhotoshop17-Core_x64', version:
FATAL: Error occurred in install of package (Name: AdobePhotoshop17-Core_x64 Version: Error code: '146'
WARN: Failed to move directory 'C:\adobeTemp\ETR5515.tmp\1\Application' to 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5'

This error generally occurs when the installer is unable to move a file from the temporary folder where it was first downloaded.


To update to the latest version of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app, remove it using the Creative Cloud desktop app uninstaller utility. After you remove it, you can download and install the current version of Creative Cloud desktop app.


If you receive a message stating that you cannot uninstall the Creative Cloud desktop app because it is used by other applications, you are using the uninstaller and not the Creative Cloud desktop app uninstaller utility. Download and run the Creative Cloud desktop app uninstaller utility instead.

Temporarily disable antivirus or security software until Creative Cloud app download and installation are complete. Certain software titles may interfere with the creation of the folders required in the installation process, resulting in this error. Details on how to adjust the security settings for two popular security software titles follow:




Links for third-party apps are provided as a courtesy to our users and may contain out-of-date information or screen clips. For specific and latest instructions, contact your antivirus/security software vendor.

There might be installation records of Adobe product you are trying to install on your system that may have become corrupted or may be causing problems with a new installation. Run the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to remove any such prior installations. See Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems for more information.

Manually create the directory mentioned in the error message. In the example error at the top of this page, you could manually create the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 directory to resolve the error.

For full details of the error encountered, review the Install.log file. See Find and check my installation logs for more information on reviewing this file.


Several users with customized user directory locations or other system variables have found success with this solution.

Verify that file permissions are set appropriately on the folders being created. See Verify file permissions for more information.

Controlled folder access is a Windows 10 feature that helps protect your documents and files from modification by suspicious applications. To resolve this error, add the affected Creative Cloud app to the list of safe or allowed applications in controlled access folder settings.

Follow these steps to configure controlled folder access to allow the Creative Cloud app.

  1. Quit the affected Creative Cloud app, if it's already running.

  2. In Windows, click Start and then click the settings  icon.

    The Windows Settings dialog is displayed.

  3. Click Update & Security.

    Update and security

  4. In the left pane, select Windows Security and then click Virus & threat protection.

    The Virus & threat protection dialog is displayed.

    Select virus and threat protection

  5. In the Virus & Threat Protection settings, click Manage settings.

    Click Manage Settings in Virus & threat protection settings

  6. In the settings window, scroll to Controlled folder access section, and then click Manage Controlled Folder Access.

    Manage controlled folder access

  7. Click Allow An App Through Controlled Folder Access.

    Allow an app through controlled folder access

  8. Click Add An Allowed App. From the drop-down list, select Recently Blocked Apps.

    Allow recently blocked application

  9. Look for the executable file (.exe) of the affected Creative Cloud app. 

  10. To add the affected Creative Cloud app to the list of allowed apps, click the (+) sign.

    Your Creative Cloud app is successfully added to the list of allowed applications.


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