Dedicated encryption keys | Common questions

Before enabling dedicated encryption keys, see Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise security overview or Adobe Document Cloud security.

To upgrade your plan to include storage and services, contact your Adobe Account Manager.

Adobe is updating dedicated encryption on the Admin console from directory-level to organization-level encryption. Currently, when you enable encryption for a directory, the assets of users of that directory are encrypted. Going forward, when you enable encryption on the Admin console, assets of all users in the organization would be encrypted.

Yes, the Admin Console displays a notification when existing content has been encrypted.

Adobe is updating dedicated encryption on the Admin console from directory-level to organization-level encryption. Currently, you can revoke encryption for a directory. Going forward, when you will revoke encryption on the Admin console at the organization level.

To restore access to content whose encryption key has been revoked, re-enable the encryption key from the Admin Console.

Yes, users can browse files but cannot access the contents of the files.

The sync operation fails.

The following data is not encrypted using the dedicated encryption key and is therefore not affected if the key is revoked:

  • Metadata (file name, collection name, font use, MIME type, and other attributes necessary to browse a collection)
  • Videos published by Adobe Voice
  • Lightroom photos
  • Colors that are stored by the Adobe Color service
  • All data that is managed by the Behance and Adobe Font services
  • All data managed by the Marketing Cloud
  • Saved application preferences
  • Information about the account holder such as name, email, licenses, and other basic user account information.
  • Data of members of an organization with an Adobe ID account (unless the user is collaborating on content when Business ID, Enterprise ID, or Federated ID users initiated the collaboration)

To enable enterprise storage and other enterprise-level features, we're updating all existing Adobe IDs to Business IDs. All new business customers will use Business IDs for their team members.

You'll receive advance communication when your organization is scheduled for the update. For more information, see Introduction to Business IDs and new storage features. Until your organization is updated, you will continue to use Adobe ID type to access the organization. Support for Adobe IDs will then be reserved for individual customers only.

No, standard encryption keys will not be used. The user will not be able to upload data because no valid key is present.

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