Change corner appearance

You can use the Corner Options command to quickly apply corner effects to any path. Available corner effects range from simple, rounded corners to fancy ornamentation.

Effects of different line weights on corner shapes

A. Fancy corner effect with no stroke B. Same effect with 1‑point stroke C. Same effect with 4‑point stroke 

Apply corner shapes using the Corner Options dialog box

  1. Using a selection tool, select a path.

  2. Choose Object > Corner Options.

  3. To apply the corner effect to all four corners of a rectangle, select the Make All Settings The Same icon . When the option is not selected, dots appear on both sides of the icon (like a broken chain link).

  4. Choose a corner effect and specify a size for one or more of the corners.

    The size value determines the radius by which the corner effect extends from each corner point.

  5. Select Preview if you want to see the results of the effect before applying it. Then click OK.

Use Live Corners

With Live Corners, you can apply corner effects to rectangular frames by clicking the yellow box that appears on the frame and dragging. In addition, you can apply a different corner effect and a different corner radius to each corner.

  1. Select a rectangular frame, and click the yellow box.

    Four yellow diamonds appear on the selected frame, indicating Live Corners mode. If the yellow box does not appear on the selected frame, choose View > Extras > Show Live Corners.

  2. To add corner effects, do any of the following tasks:

    • To adjust the radii of all four corners together, drag one of the diamonds towards the center of the frame.

    • To adjust a single corner, hold down Shift as you drag a diamond.

    • To cycle through the various effects, Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) a yellow diamond.

  3. To stop editing corners, click anywhere outside the selected frame.

To remove corner effects, choose Object > Corner Options, and then choose None.

If you don’t want the yellow box to appear when you select a frame, choose View > Extras > Hide Live Corners.

Guidelines for applying corner shapes

Note the following:

  • If you’ve obtained plug‑in software that adds more effects, the Corner Options command in the Stroke panel can include additional shapes.

  • Corner effects appear on all of a path’s corner points, but never on smooth points. The effects change angles automatically when you move a path’s corner points.

  • If a corner effect significantly changes the path by, for example, creating a bulge inward or outward, it may affect how a frame interacts with its contents or with other parts of the layout. Increasing the size of a corner effect may push an existing text wrap or frame inset farther away from the frame.

  • You can’t edit a corner effect, but you can change its appearance by changing the corner radius or modifying the stroke.

  • If you applied corner effects but can’t see them, make sure that the path uses corner points and that a stroke color or gradient has been applied to it. Then increase the Size option in the Corner Options dialog box, or increase the stroke weight in the Stroke panel.

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