Work with keyframes

Use keyframes to transform the state of a grade, mask, or pan-and-scan adjustment over time. A keyframe marks the point in time where you specify a state, such as the position of a mask. You typically use at least two keyframes—one for the state at the beginning of the change, and one for the new state at the end of the change. You can add as many keyframes as you need on a track. SpeedGrade interpolates the values between keyframes and creates dissolves between them.

Add keyframes

Every new grading track has one keyframe at its start position. If you don’t add more keyframes, any adjustments affect the whole clip.

To add more keyframes along a track:

  1. Move the playhead to the position you’d like to add a keyframe.

  2. Click the Record Keyframe button.

    Record keyframe button
  3. Apply adjustments at the new keyframe position, such as a grade, mask, or pan-and-scan adjustment.

  4. With the playhead at the current keyframe, click the Record Keyframe button a second time to create a dissolve from the previous keyframe to the current keyframe. See Workflow for creating dissolves between keyframes.

    An arrow between the keyframes on the track indicates a linear dissolve between the two positions.

    Dissolve arrow

Workflow for creating dissolves between keyframes

Create a dissolve between two keyframes by clicking the Record Keyframe button a second time at each new keyframe position. The typical workflow is as follows:

  1. Move the playhead to the position on the timeline where you want to start the dissolve.

  2. Add a keyframe by clicking Record Keyframe.

  3. Move to the playhead to the position on the timeline where you want to end the dissolve.

  4. Click on Record Keyframe twice to add a keyframe that will smoothly morph all settings from the previous to the current keyframe.

  5. Adjust your grade, mask, or pan-and-scan at the two keyframe positions.

Automatically record keyframes when editing

When Auto-keyframe mode is on, modifying a property automatically adds a keyframe at each new position.

  1. Click the Auto-keyframe button to toggle Auto-keyframe mode on or off.

    Auto keyframe button

Move between keyframes

  1. Press the left or right arrow buttons on the keyframe toolbar.

    Next keyframe button


    Tip: You can also use the following keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right Arrow.

Delete keyframes

To delete one keyframe:

  1. Navigate to the keyframe you want to remove.

  2. Click the delete keyframe button.

    Delete keyframe button

    Other keyframes on the same track are not affected.

To delete all keyframes on a track:

  1. Click the Delete All Keyframes button.

    Delete all keyframes button

    Keyframes on other grading, mask, or pan-and-scan tracks above or below the current grading clip are not affected.

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