Contributor FAQ for CCE/CCT Pro Edition

Today Adobe Stock announced Pro Edition, a new plan for Creative Cloud for Teams and Enterprises, which supplies unlimited downloads from our Standard collection of photos, illustrations, and vectors. Contributors receive 33% of Adobe revenue from stock. Payouts will be distributed among Contributors proportional to their downloads.   

Adobe created Pro Edition for medium to large businesses and enterprises, aiming to equip all users in an organization with access to stock content alongside their CC apps. This empowers many more users to create, as opposed to only select users as has been the case in the past. Pro Edition is only available to qualifying businesses, to maximize service value to customers and overall payouts to Contributors.   

For more info about the Pro Edition, please see the Contributor FAQ below.


Adobe has launched a new offering for Creative Cloud for Teams (CCT) and Creative Cloud for Enterprise (CCE) called Pro Edition. CCT and CCE Pro Edition plans include unlimited downloads from Adobe Stock’s Standard collection of photos, illustrations, and vectors.  

Contributors benefit from earning 33% royalties on the Adobe Stock revenue from Pro Edition downloads, matching the royalty rate for downloads from other plans or credit packs.  

Adobe’s research suggests that there’s a huge need for Stock content beyond the handful of users who buy stock within an organization today. Our recent surveys of Enterprise and SMB markets show that common hurdles — such as the need to get purchase approvals, or not being able to use unwatermarked images in mockups — are getting in the way for many users who would prefer to license high quality stock assets. These users may be getting by with unlicensed or free content for things like mockups, concepts, and presentations. 

The new CCT and CCE Pro Edition plans make it easier for new and existing Adobe Stock Team and Enterprise customers to license content. With a Pro Edition plan that includes the Stock Standard collection as part of their Creative Cloud subscription, every user in a participating organization is now paying for access to Stock. This means more discovery of our content, more engagement with our stock collection, and ultimately more revenue for contributors. 

Yes. Contributors will be compensated for downloads from first-year-free seats. 

Similar to other subscription plans, we return 33% of the Adobe Stock revenue to Contributors for the Pro Edition plan. Payouts are distributed among Contributors proportional to their downloads. 

No minimum guarantee applies. Contributors will receive 33% royalties of the Adobe Stock revenue from Pro Edition downloads for every seat sold. Payouts will be distributed among Contributors proportional to their downloads. 

Earnings from Pro Edition are labeled ‘Custom’ on your earnings page in the Contributor Portal. Note, Enterprise licenses are also labeled ‘Custom’ so it is not possible to filter for just Pro Edition payouts. 

CCT Pro Edition assets come with an enhanced license. Read more details about the enhanced license.

CCE Pro Edition assets include an extended license to remain consistent with other Adobe Stock plans for Enterprise. Read more about the extended license

The Pro Edition includes assets from our Standard collection, such as photos, illustrations, and vectors.

Premium or video files are available on demand or via credit packs.

Yes, enterprises and teams can continue to choose from the available menu of Adobe Stock plans, credit packs, and on-demand purchase options. Pro Edition is an additional offer for enterprises and teams. 

It’s not possible to opt out of making content available to Pro Edition buyers.  

Currently, Adobe does not make the Pro Edition plan available for individual CC subscribers. 

Yes, royalties from CCE Pro and CCT Pro will be calculated the same way. Contributors will see all licenses from Pro Edition plans labeled as ‘Custom’ on their earnings page. 

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