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To purchase FrameMaker Publishing Server, you can either contact an Adobe reseller or distributor, or request a callback, or write to us at

Learn how to resolve download issues with FrameMaker Publishing Server and other Adobe apps.

Yes! You can download a trial version from the FrameMaker Publishing Server page. You'll need to sign in with an Adobe ID and password to download a trial.

Read these simple solutions to common Adobe ID and sign in issues to regain access to your account.

With the XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager, you can publish DITA content to Experience Manager Sites and Experience Manager Mobile. However, publishing to other formats, like Responsive HTML5, PDF, EPUB, and Kindle, requires FrameMaker Publishing Server.

Sign in to your Adobe account. Then in the Current Password section, select Change and follow the on-screen instructions.

Forgot your password? Learn how to reset it.

You can update your credit card information from your accounts page on See Payment in the Adobe Store | Online order and payment FAQ.

Yes. Each license of FrameMaker Publishing Server allows you to install the software on multiple machines.

The latest release of FrameMaker Publishing Server allows you to deploy FMPS on multiple systems using horizontal or vertical scaling. See Plan the deployment architecture for more details. 

See Scheduling to learn how to set up a schedule for recurring tasks.

Use the FrameMaker Publishing Server dashboard to create, schedule, and monitor tasks.


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