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Effective as of 15 December 2021

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Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform Connections
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What is Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform Connections?

Real-time Customer Data Platform Connections (“Real-time CDP Connections”) is a solution that provides Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection and Event Forwarding capabilities allowing Customer to forward data on Adobe’s server side to Customer’s configured end points using Adobe and partner-built Extensions.

Customer’s use of Real-time CDP Connections is subject to the following:


  • Outgoing Calls. Customer may process up to the number of Outgoing Calls authorized in the Sales Order.

Scoping Parameters:

  • Fan Out Ratio. Customer may generate an average of up to 30 Outgoing Calls per one Incoming Call.

Static Limits:

  • Event Size. Event Forwarding supports events that are smaller than 32 kilobytes.
  • Log Retention. Event Forwarding raw logs are retained for 1 hour. The aggregate number of failed and successful Outgoing Calls is retained for 3 days. The aggregate number of monthly Outgoing Calls and Incoming Calls is retained for 12 months.
  • Testing. Customer is responsible for testing Extensions and Libraries before deploying in production.
  • Time Out. Event Forwarding processes will time out after 50 milliseconds.
  • Unlicensed Features. Certain aspects of Real-time CDP Connections may be provided through Adobe Experience Platform, but Customer is not licensed to, and must not, access or use the Data Lake, Data Science Workspace, Profile Service, Sources, Destinations, Query Service, Identity Service, or Segmentation Service components in Adobe Experience Platform, unless separately licensed.


Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection means a set of tools and technologies including SDKs, APIs, tag management capabilities, and Adobe data collection servers that allow Customer to collect data from Customer Sites for use in selected Adobe On-demand Services.

Data Lake means the analytical data store within Adobe Experience Platform.

Data Science Workspace means a set of services within Adobe Experience Platform that allows Customers to analyze and enhance data, including through the use of data science and machine learning modeling.

Destinations means a service within Adobe Experience Platform that allows Customers to activate their known and unknown data for cross-channel marketing campaigns, email campaigns, targeted advertising, and other activation use cases using Adobe pre-built or partner-built integrations with destination platforms.

Event Forwarding means server-side-forwarding functionality that allows Customer to move much of the data collection logic from the Customer-side browser to Adobe’s servers and forward and enrich a data stream simultaneously to multiple destinations to help improve data latency issues across systems.

Extension means a package of code (e.g., JavaScript, HTML and CSS) that extends the Real-time CDP Connections UI and client functionality. Adobe is not responsible for the performance of non-Adobe built Extensions.

Identity Graph means observed relationships between 1 or more identities, which are determined to refer to the same individual.

Identity Service means a service in the Adobe Experience Platform that creates and manages Identity Graphs.

Incoming Call means a network call initiated by the Customer and received on Adobe’s data collection servers.

Library means a set of instructions for how Extensions, data elements and rules will interact with one another and with Customer Sites or Customer configured end points through use for Real-time CDP Connections.

Outgoing Call means a network call via Event Forwarding to forward or enrich data to a Customer configured end point.

Profile means a record of stitched information representing an individual or a business in the Profile Service. Data included in a Profile may include data related to attributes, behavior/ events, and segment membership.

Profile Service means a data store within Adobe Experience Platform where Profiles are created and stored.

Query Service means a service in the Adobe Experience Platform that facilitates Customer's use of standard SQL to query and transform data in Adobe Experience Platform.

Scoping Parameters means usage limits that relate to the scoping of Customer’s proposed use case. Should Customer exceed a Scoping Parameter, Adobe will work with Customer to remedy the issue leading to over usage. Should Customer persistently exceed a Scoping Parameter, Customer may be required to license additional capacity.

Segmentation Service means the service within Adobe Experience Platform that allows Customer to create and manage its Profile segments.

Sources means a service within Adobe Experience Platform that allows Customers to ingest data from a variety of sources such as Adobe applications, cloud-based storages, databases, and other external sources of data.

Static Limit means a usage limit that relates to the functional boundaries of Real-time CDP Connections. Customer may not modify Static Limits.


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