ARRIRAW MXF: audio waveforms missing and clip playback is silent

Issue: When importing ARRIRAW MXF AV clips, clip playback will be silent, and the Audio Waveforms will appear to be missing.

With Premiere Pro version 12.0.1, Adobe Premiere Pro adds support for ARRIRAW MXF clips with audio and video. In most workflows, the audio can be heard and edited without issue. However, we have identified a possible workflow where users may encounter audio problems when importing audio-visual (AV) clips in this format.

When importing ARRIRAW MXF AV clips, the video portion of the clip will have a “Log” color space appearance, looking washed-out on a standard computer monitor. Many users will wish to change the color space to Rec 709, which can be done via the Master Effects Source Settings dialog. However, Premiere allows users to bypass the Master Clip method and use a modal Source Settings dialog to change the color space of multiple clips with a single step.

Solution: Allow audio conforms to finish

Save your project and quit Premiere, then relaunch Premiere and restart the project.
Allow audio conforms to finish before changing the color space. Audio conforms will be created, and the audio will be heard, with waveforms created. 

We have found this to be an effective workaround. If users do not interrupt the audio conforming process with color space changes, our testing indicates that the MXF audio will be present and editable.