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Fresco on the iPhone

Fresco on the iPhone gives you freedom to create your artwork anywhere inspiration strikes. Take a quick tour of the workspace and learn where your favorite tools and features are available.

With Adobe Fresco on your iPhone, you're all set to create magic on the canvas! Use your favorite drawing tools to create, modify, and seamlessly export your designs across devices and platforms while on the move.

Read on to discover the features and functionalities of Fresco on the iPhone. Before you start your creative journey, check the supported iPhone versions that lets you be creative on the go!

Fresco on iPhone
Fresco on iPhone

Fresco on the iPhone workspace | Your creative journey begins!

The workspace in Fresco on the iPhone allows you to quickly create, edit, and export your documents all from one location. Read on to learn how to use the reimagined workspace to get started with your design journey! 

From the Home screen, you can start creating your designs and proceed to the editing workspace. In the workspace, you can find your favorite Fresco tools and other options that will equip you to create and retouch your artwork.

Fresco on iPhone-home screen

A - App Settings: Configures the options for the Interface, Quick export settings, restore, and timelapse settings.

B - File Sync: Displays the sync status of your cloud documents. When you are offline, the icon changes to .

C - Create New: Create a cloud document.

D - Import and Open: Import and open Photoshop files, Sketch projects or Draw projects.

E - Your work: Displays the list of all cloud documents that you have created and saved to Creative Cloud.

F - Learn: Explore the many possibilities of using Fresco on the iPhone through these tutorials.

G - Discover: Browse creations on Behance. Follow creators and watch professionals in the creative industry livestream their creative process.


Workspace and layers

A simple and intuitive workspace lets you focus on your creative work.  The Editor screen is a gateway to your drawing tools and their controls.  Want to edit and enhance your artwork? Work with a single layer or with multiple layers to keep different elements of your artwork separate.

Fresco on the iPhone- Home screen

A - Tool bar: Access tools to create and modify your designs.
B - Selection tool: Toggles between the selected tool and the options for that tool.
C - Top panel: Options to undo, redo, and export.
D - Layer stack: Access layer stack. Don't see them? Tap the layer preview icon.

Fresco on the iPhone- Working with layers

A - Add layer: Adds a new layer to the layer stack.
B - Key layer actions: Tap on a layer twice to access a pop up menu of highly used layer actions.
C - All layer actions: Displays a list of all the layer actions.
D - Layer preview- Toggles the layer stack on/off.

E - Bottom bar: View available Layer actions (add, hide, clear, delete layers, etc), and Layer properties (blend, opacity, etc). To view contextually available layer actions, tap the layer preview icon at the bottom of the stack.

Minimize layer stack for an expanded workspace

Need a flexible workspace to edit and enhance your artwork? Tap on the Layer preview icon to hide the layer stack. Tap on the layer icon again to show the layer stack so you can rearrange layers and move some elements of your artwork to the foreground or background. When the layer stack is hidden, the layer preview icon is a mini-thumbnail of the selected layer or layer group.

Hide Layer Stack

Tap on the layer preview icon to hide the layer stack.

preview layer - view layer stack

Tap on the layer preview icon to unhide the layer stack.

Brushes, eraser, and smudge tools

With a virtual smorgasboard of powerful brushes at your fingertips, you can create natural looking digital paintings that reproduce gorgeous watercolors and creamy oil paint textures.

The Eraser does a great deal more than simply fix mistakes in Fresco; works more like a brush, use it to remove lines and color from your drawing and watch your designs come alive!

Fresco on the iPhone- Brushes, eraser, and smudge tool options and settings

A - Pixel brushes: Access built-in Pixel brushes and Library brushes.

B - Live brushes: Access watercolor and oil brushes.

C - Vector brushes: Access vector brushes.

D - Eraser: Choose an eraser.

E - Smudge: Choose a smudge brush.

F - Selection tool: Indicates which tool is currently selected.

G - Color: Select a color.

H - Brush size: Choose a suitable brush size.

I - Flow: Change the flow of the pigments to your brush.

J - Smoothening: Controls the smoothing of your brush.

K - Brush Settings: Control the spacing , blend mode, etc., of your strokes.

L - Reset: Change back to default settings.


Finding your way around the tools within Fresco is going to be key to how efficiently you design your artwork. From mixing colors together with the brush to integrating texture, Fresco contains brushes crafted to look and feel like traditional ones.

Fresco on the iPhone- Other tools and tool options

A - Transform: Achieve precise transformations of layers or selections.

B - Selection tools: Select an area to edit.

C - Paintbucket: Fill the selected area with color.

D - Eye dropper: Pick a color from the canvas.

E - Import:  Import images into the current artwork.

F - Color: Open the color panel.

G - Selection tool: Toggles between the selected tool and the options for that tool.

H - Selection actions: Prompt to close or cancel the lasso selection.

I - Selection: Select a part of the active layer.

J - Selection actions: Choose from any of the available actions while a selection is active on the canvas.

text tool

Add text layers to your artwork, pick fonts from Adobe Fonts, or add your own fonts. You can further modify the font style using typography settings.

Add text to your artwork in Fresco on the iPhone

A - Text tool: Add text to the canvas.

B - Handles: Resize or rotate the text.

C - Selection tool: Toggles between the text tool and the options for the text.

D - Layer properties: Click the back arrow to adjust the layer properties like opacity and blend mode.

E - Text options: Keyboard, Fonts, and Text properties are displayed in this area when the text is active on the canvas.

F - Keyboard: Displays a keyboard using which you can edit text.

G - Fonts: Choose a font from Adobe Fonts, browse font categories, or add your own font.

H - Text properties: Change font size, spacing, and alignment.

Full screen mode

Tap between normal and full screen modes and hide or unhide your tools and layers for maximum space and unhindered creativity.

Fresco on the iPhone in full screen mode

A - Full Screen: Switches to full screen mode.

B - Normal Screen: Switches back to normal screen mode.

C - Displays layers.

D - Displays toolbar and its settings.

Publish, export, and help

Export your saved documents in your preferred format or publish it as a Behance project. Share a timelapse video of your work. Need additional help? Tap Fresco Online help to access learn and support content, report an issue, or share your ideas, or upvote ideas of others.

Fresco on iPhone share, publish and export

Quick export: exports your document in JPEG format. 

Export as: exports your saved artwork in formats other than the default cloud document format.

Behance project: exports your artwork as a Behance project.

Timelapse: exports your artwork as timelapse videos.

Fresco on iPhone settings

Settings: set app preferences.

Take the tour: takes you to Document settings where you can change the document size, rotate or flip the canvas.

View gestures: displays the touch gestures associated with Fresco.

Touch shortcut: access alternate actions of a selected tool. 

Touch shortcuts and learn gestures

Use touch shortcuts to access alternate actions of a selected tool on your device. You can quickly perform common actions using gestures to interact with the touch-based user interface.

Fresco on iPhone touch shortcuts

Tap and drag the touch shortcut to move it across your canvas. 

Fresco on iPhone gestures

 To access a list of touch gestures, tap on the More options  icon at the top and then tap on View Gestures.

Get inspiration from Behance

Behance has a variety of artwork created with Adobe Fresco. Tap on the videos to see streams created by artists showcasing their workflow in the app.

Have a question or an idea?


If you have a question to ask or an idea to share, come and participate in Adobe Fresco Community. We would love to hear from you and see your creations.

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