Learn what's new in the latest release of Lightroom Classic.

Top new features

June 2020 release (version 9.3)

Performance improvements

Performance Improvements

Experience speed improvements and a smoother editing experience.

UI improvements

UI Improvements

Get the most of the SyncTone Curve, and Color tools with the updated look and feel.

Centered Crop Overlay

Centered Crop Overlay

New 2x2 grid overlay while cropping, providing guidance on the center of the image.

Raw defaults

New Defaults presets

Now quickly preview and apply different default settings using the new Defaults presets.

Local Hue Adjustment

Local Hue Adjustment

Control the hue of a color in a specific area of your image using a local adjustment tool.

ISO Adaptive Presets

ISO Adaptive Presets

Now create an ISO adaptive preset from within Lightroom Classic.

Supported cameras and lenses

Support for new cameras and lenses

Find the full list of supported cameras and lens profiles.

Other enhancements

Other enhancements

Find information about other new enhancements in this release.

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