Unable to get new comments on PDFs shared for review hosted on SharePoint

Problem: Comments don’t sync for shared PDFs hosted on SharePoint sites

On macOS, when you share a PDF for review by hosting it on SharePoint, the comments don't sync.

Solution: Delete the SharePoint site entry from the Keychain Access application on macOS

The issue occurs when the corresponding SharePoint entry in the Keychain Access application is corrupt and unable to correctly authenticate your access credentials. Do the following:

  1. In Acrobat, go to Acrobat Pro > About Adobe Acrobat Pro. Check if Acrobat is updated to version 21.005.20058 or later. If not, go to Help > Check for updates.

  2. Quit Acrobat.

  3. Open the Keychain Access application on macOS.

  4. Find the SharePoint site entry in the list, and delete it if it is present.
    For example, if your SharePoint site for shared reviews is https://aeon365.sharepoint.com/<subsite-name>/, Acrobat creates an entry with the name: aeon365.sharepoint.com in the Keychain Access app.

    SharePoint site entry in Keychain Access application on macOS

  5. Quit the Keychain Access application, and open the PDFs shared for review in Acrobat. The comments start to sync and are updated.


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